6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy During Winter Season

6 Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy During Winter Season

Cleaning your home during the winter season is quite a challenge. Yes, getting professional help can answer your winter cleaning problem but what if you don’t have the budget for it? Will you let your house succumb to dirt until winter is over?

If your answer is a big NO, then this article is for you. Here, you will learn how to keep your home clean and tidy during the coldest season.

Leave boots and shoes at the door

Encourage your family members to leave their boots and shoes at the door. By placing a shoe rack or cabinet near your door, you can easily enforce this rule for the winter season. This tip alone can help you keep your house clean and dirt free all throughout the winter season.

Use doormats wisely

Door or floor mats can help prevent dirt and mud from entering your house. Just make sure that you place them on the right location, ideally in places where foot traffic is heavy.

Carpets and rugs

Vacuum your carpets and rugs as often as you can to remove tracked dirt and dust. Two days a week can be effective but if you belong to a big family and if you have pets at home, then doing this at least 3 times a week is highly advisable.

Remove dust regularly

Dust accumulation is at its highest during winter season as air remains dry and warm. Vacuuming your home from top to bottom can help eliminate any sign of dust. This won’t only make your house clean but also keep you and your family member’s health in good standing.

Clean your furniture

Vacuuming your furniture regularly is also highly recommended during winter season. From bookshelves to medicine cabinets up to the ceiling fans and closets, they must be all free from dust at all times. There are lots of hacks, tips and tricks online on how you can effectively remove dust from certain furniture that you might own.

Clean your furnace

Change your furnace filter regularly, ideally once a month. This can help make your home energy efficient and at the same time, keeps the air your breath in cleaner. The furnace itself must be cleaned as well from time to time to avoid dirt, dust and grime from building up.

Although this list of cleaning tips is not that comprehensive, they can all help keep you home clean and tidy all throughout the winter months.

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