Seventeen-Year-old Philanthropist Lulu Cerone Writes Book: A Party Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back

I received a copy of Philanthroparties, A Party Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back ($17.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

When Lulu Cerone was 10-years-old her life was forever changed when she saw the horrible devastation from Haiti’s 2010 earthquake on the news.  Living a comfortable existence in suburban Los Angeles, she felt that she had to do something to help.  Her parents had always encouraged her to give back so she decided to organize a lemonade stand war between the boys and girls at her school.  That initial event was a huge success raising $4,000 for the earthquake victims and was the social highlight of the year.  From there, LemonAid Warriors was born.  The non-profit organization uses ‘philanthroparties’ to raise money for a range of global organizations.  To date over $100,000 has been raised.

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The 17-year-old’s ‘philanthroparties’ are “parties with a purpose”. A consummate DIY expert and budding chef, she decided to share her love and knowledge in her new book, Philanthroparties, A Party Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back.  Each month showcases different ideas with seasonal recipes and easy DIY crafts.  Lulu’s goal is to spread her enthusiasm for social activism to kids everywhere.

Everyone LOVES a party and Lulu is broadly sharing ideas on how you can make your party more giving.  Her new book, is a DIY party guide that features thirty-six PhilanthroParty ideas on how to transform any holiday or social gathering into a chance to create change and to support a cause.  Examples…Valentine’s Day, spread the love at a women’s shelter with pampering for moms and crafts for kids…National Pancake Week, celebrate Flapjacks for Firefighters are just a few Philanthroparties you can have.  No need to worry about the details of your event, as Lulu has a Planning Guide on how to choose a charity and a deadline checklist before the event.

Philanthroparties, A Party Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and anywhere books are sold.  Get your copy today to share with those kids who want to give back.  Great book also for active youth groups looking for service, give back or random act of kindness projects.

Click here to see Lulu at the 2015 HALO awards:


About the Author

Lulu Cerone started a nonprofit called LemonAID Warriors when she was just ten years old, an organization that helps kids make philanthropy a part of their everyday social lives. Now seventeen, when she’s not at school, coming up with PhilanthroParty ideas for herself and others, or traveling the world to share her cause or build a well, Lulu likes to spend time rehearsing with her band or writing and directing her own short films. She lives in Los Angeles, California.


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