How To Keep Your Pet Safe in Emergencies – Interview

How To Keep Your Pet Safe in Emergencies – Interview


Natural disasters can strike at any time, and it’s important for families to have a plan in place to keep all their loved ones safe, including their pets. When the call to evacuate arrives, families can be left in a panic over what to prioritize and how to act, especially when it comes to their pets.

Please join in on a recent interview with Veterinarian Dr. Ellen Lowery and Rich Anderson, Executive Director and CEO of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League as they discuss:

  • How should pet owners be prepared in case of emergency?
  • What should pet owners keep in their “pet-emergency go-kits”?
  • What kind of emergencies should pet owners be prepared for?
  • What should pet owners do if they become separated from their pets during natural disaster?
  • How can local animal shelters help families prepare for, or respond to, an emergency so that their pet is taken care of during a crisis?

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Dr. Ellen I. Lowery is director of U.S. Veterinary and Professional Affairs at Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Dr. Lowery is internationally recognized as a key thought leader in veterinary dentistry; she has published numerous papers and has authored several book chapters on nutrition and periodontal disease. She has served as President of the American Veterinary Dental Society, spokesperson for National Pet Dental Health Month, Chair of the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry Management Committee and Co-Chair of the Annual Veterinary Dental Forum.  Dr. Lowery remains involved in her fields of oral pathology and clinical nutrition, and her other professional interests are education and team training/development. Her passion is inspiring others to achieve the best they can be in their personal and professional lives.


Rich Anderson joined Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in June of 2011 as Executive Director/CEO. He also serves on the board of directors of the Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations, which works to unite animal advocates and maintain a unified voice for animal welfare in the state of Florida. He was the organization’s board president in 2016.   Serving in the nonprofit sector for nearly 27 years, he started his career at The American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. in 1990. Since then ,  he has devoted much of his life to working with animal welfare and rescue organizations, including the Humane Society of Broward County as its Development Director, and as a consultant serving the ASPCA; North Shore Animal League; and World Society for the Protection of Animals.

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