Simple Ways to Make Your House More Fresh and Green

Simple Ways to Make Your House More Fresh and Green

Going green will not only make a house feel so clean, fresh and cool. It can help you save great amount of money by cutting energy consumption. It can promote good health as a green house also means good quality of indoor air. Ultimately, making and keeping your house green can help preserve the natural beauty of our environment.

Below are some simple yet effective ways to make your house greener as ever before.

Save energy.

Change your old light bulbs into those new energy-efficient LED or CFL bulbs. They last longer and consume very minimal power compared to the old ones.

Unplug appliances when not in use. Turning them off is not enough especially if you don’t plan to use it in few days or so.

Use washing machine, dryer and even your flat-iron on a scheduled basis. Don’t use them on just few pieces of clothes or garments as it’s more advisable to use them on full load.

Allow natural light to pass through in the early morning. Open your curtains or blinds even for just few hours. If you can, you can also setup some solar panels so you can take advantage of sun’s light energy to power some of your small gadgets and appliance.

Keep indoor air fresh.

As much as possible, don’t smoke inside the house. Even vaping or other things similar to smoking shouldn’t be allowed.

Take advantage of those air purifying indoor plants. If you don’t have any idea what are they, a simple Google search or even Pinterest search can give you amazing tips and advice.

If the weather outside is fine, open your windows to let the breeze in while letting the bad air out. Do this at least few hours a day to keep a fresh and clean indoor air.

Go organic and natural.

Instead of using those plastic flower and plants as an indoor décor, get a real one.

Same thing can also be said in terms of cleaning agents and materials. Use lemons, baking soda and vinegar in cleaning stubborn dirt and such. As much as possible, refrain from using chemicals. If you don’t have the time nor the patience to create your own cleaning solution, then buy those ones that has little chemical compound.

Aside from keeping everything organic and natural thus improving the quality of living inside your house, it can also keep you and your family members from the harmful effect of chemicals.

Making and keeping a house greener is not that hard if we will just put our minds and focus into it. Doing the simple acts I mentioned above can surely make a huge impact. Try them out and see how they can change the atmosphere inside your house for good.

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