Getting the Most Out Of Your Shower – Interview

Getting the Most Out Of Your Shower – Interview


Showers are one of life’s simplest pleasures. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans take ‘at least’ one shower a day. So, a shower isn’t only cleansing; it’s our chance to escape the world and unwind. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t making the most of our showers…

  • Americans tend to linger too long in water too warm
  • We take showers at the wrong times of day based on our lifestyle and occupation
  • Extra water does not equal extra moisture

So, what mistakes are we making at shower time? Lifestyle expert, Dave Sinclair, recently shared with Michigan Mom Living:

  • Common mistakes, the consequences and the solutions
  • Easy ways to turn a mundane shower routine into a spa experience
  • The “perfect fit” for furry family members (According to a recent study from the American Pet Products Association, nearly half of the 62 million households in the US that own dogs groom at home. So, why not upgrade your pet shower experience, too?)

Check out the entire interview here:

More About David Sinclair

David Sinclair is a veteran mutli-media performer with international credentials; having graced TV screens in the US, Canada, England and China. David’s area of expertise includes the health, wellness and real estate industries, which has led to appearances on Lifetime Network, CNN Headline News, Montel Williams show and many more. He’s also been a contributing writer for several wellness publications.

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