Clean and Tidy Your Home Room By Room – What to Keep and What to Get Rid Of

Clean and Tidy Your Home Room By Room – What to Keep and What to Get Rid Of


Guest piece by Louise Myers

Stuffing your home with old and unnecessary things is like a disease of the modern people. The clean and neat home is starting with saying “goodbye” to all these items and make space for your new ones. To start with this undertaking, you need to have no mercy! Whatever you don’t use any more, don’t deserve to take place in your home. Moreover, getting rid of the old things will save you a lot of time in cleaning chores. Your home is not a garage to stuff it with the unnecessary items. Putting the item in the wardrobe and closing the door definitely doesn’t solve the problem. Roll up your sleeves and start with the job!

De-clutter systematically room by room. In this way, you will avoid the hopping and the risk of overlooking some drawer or cupboard. Organize yourself to organize your home. Before you start, make a plan, which you will stick to. In that way, it will be way easier for you to be efficient and not to overlook anything.

Let’s have a look in the mysterious cupboards in the kitchen. Empty everything and get rid of the expired old spices, sauces and products. You will never use them again, anyway, so no need to take space. Get rid of the bulky cooking machines in your kitchen, which you don’t use them on regular basis. For example, you don’t use the deep fryer every day, unless your diet is not based on fats. Cleaners from Cleaning Agency Clapham know it’s cleaning is tiresome and requires a lot of efforts in scrubbing. This may be even the first step to the healthier way of life. To conclude, all the kitchen utensils, machines and expired products should leave your kitchen. Talking about kitchen, it is impossible to overlook the fact that every household keeps at least 2 or even more sets of all type of plates, cups, glasses and bowls. Only 1 set should find place in your kitchen, all the rest you can pack and store in the basement.

Now, let’s move to the living room. There are many things, which you keep. To start from the old newspapers and magazines which you keep under the table and finish to different weird things, which you have never used. It is a very bad habit (which everybody has, in fact) to collect the old magazines.

Why should you do that, since the truth is that you will never read them again? The answer is that the only thing you need to do with them is to give them for recycling or just throw them away.
Similar to magazines, we keep books and old CDs and DVDs on the shelves. Follow the tip about the newspapers and get rid of them. These are not only useless, but even extends the time needed to clean. Just give them as a present to someone and save yourself half an hour of dusting.

Behind the door of the bathroom cupboard, you may find things, which stay there for ages and you have no intention to use. Still, you may feel a bit “thrifty” to throw them, especially if we are talking about full bottle of body lotion or some old, dried mascara or eye liner, which you have never used. This is real infectious ward, which you need immediately to get rid of. Old cosmetics, which you will never use is for the trash. Let’s not forget the toothbrushes, which you need to change on regular basis. Don’t stack a pile of the old ones, but get rid of them. These create unnecessary and unwanted bacteria.

Now is time to open your fearsome wardrobe. No, there is not a monster in it, but only infinite mess and entangled balls of clothes. We all have those clothes, which we don’t wear any more, because these are worn out or unfit, but… we keep them! Time to get rid of them and give them to someone, who might really need them. That simple action of care will provide more space for your new clothes and save you the mess and fumbling.

You definitely will find a blanket or a sheet with a hole on it… Do you really think you will use it again?! The answer is “no”! Don’t delude yourself! Moreover, it is highly recommended that you need to re-place your linen or regular, since these easily accumulate allergens and mites. Time for a change in the bed!

Everything, which is broken, out of service or you don’t like should find it’s place, but out of your home. Forget about the attachment, because these are only objects! Start asking yourself “Why do I keep this object?” and if you can’t find a reason, there is only one way- one way ticket through the front door!

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Louise is a full time working mom. She is really into organizing and simplifying these days and the Internet is full of inspiration.

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