Angels On Your Pillow {Book Launch}

Angels On Your Pillow {Book Launch}

I received a copy of Angels On Your Pillow” ($14.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


“Many people have wondered about their guardian angels, heavenly creatures made by God to protect and watch over us. Children’s author Karen Kelly believes in them and sees angels as “the bridge that connects human beings to pure and unconditional love.” Guardian angels are a big part of her recently released illustrated picture book, “Angels on Your Pillow.”

The story is based on a loving memory of Kelly’s mother tucking her into bed and saying to her “good night, sleep tight, angels on your pillow” as a way for her to fall asleep. She and her sister would unzip a down pillow to release the feathers and pretend that it was snowing angels.  Readers enter the tale of a little girl whose mother comforts her by telling her that there “are angels on her pillow” before going to sleep. The girl’s three guardian angels appear in her bedroom though she cannot see them. The moral of the story is to show audiences the knowledge of God’s unconditional love and to be receptive to it.”

Angels On Your Pillow is the first book in a series of angel adventure books geared for ages 2-9.  This colorful children’s hardcover book is a great night-time book to be shared with little ones and also a simple and easy to read book for older children.  Great book to introduce angels to youngsters or reiterate the importance of the angels and their closeness to us.

Angels On Your Pillow can be purchased at where personalization can also be added.  Great gift idea!  Get your copy today!

For information about Karen, visit her website: https://www.


Cynthia Tait

2 thoughts on “Angels On Your Pillow {Book Launch}

  1. Thank you for the kind review Cynthia and Hello to all from Karen Lee Kelly (author of “Angels on Your Pillow”). I am glad that you liked my book Cynthia and I will honor the 14.99 price listed although the book sells for 16.95. In this case, the best way to order signed and personalized copies @ 14.99 ea. is to email your order to me at because my website and Amazon are set up for 16.95.
    BTW, book 2 is in the works and will be titled “Snow Angels on Your Pillow” about a little boy that thinks snowflakes are angels so he decides to surprise his grandmother by filling her pillow with snow which creates a big wet mess that the angels clean up (target release date Oct. 2017). Every book be fun and meaningful with an acronym at the end. “Angels on Your Pillow’s acronym is ANGEL Always Near God’s Endless Love and I am not going to reveal the acronym for “Snow Angels on Your Pillow” yet.
    Love to all! KLK

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