American Academy of Pediatrics Recently Updated Fruit Juice Recommendations


Most kids love fruit juice because it’s sweet and it tastes good. But juice can cause some health problems. Juice can have a lot of calories that are easy to consume very quickly, and so children can gain too much weight if they drink more than one serving a day. Frequent juice drinking can also contribute to tooth decay.

In an updated policy statement published May 22, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • No juice before age 1
  • For toddlers ages 1-3, up to half a cup per day (4 oz)
  • For children ages 4-6, up to three-quarters cup per day (6 oz)
  • For children and teens ages 7-18, up to 1 cup per day (8 oz)
  • Do not put juice in a sippy cup or bottle that the child carries around
  • Offer your child whole fruit, which has both the vitamins and fiber that children need.

For more complete update, visit 20/aap_fruitjuice/

*Article courtesy of American Academy of Pediatrics


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