New Innovative Device Prevents Kids Being Left in Hot Cars

New Innovative Device Prevents Kids Being Left in Hot Cars

eClip and Baby

Touching base on this urgent call to action for parents in light of two small children dying in hot cars just this weekend. It can happen to any loving parent and hundreds of children have died from this type of tragedy – that’s why there is eClip.

What is eClip?

eClip is an innovative device that is easily attached inside the car to help remind parents

to remove their baby from the car seat. It is the first low-cost device that helps prevent

parents and caregivers from accidentally leaving a young child in the back seat of the



Using low energy Bluetooth and advance patent pending technology, eClip is able to

detect when you walk more than 15 feet from your car by alerting you through an

interactive app on your Smartphone. The eClip also monitors the temperature in the

back of your car to keep it safe and comfortable for your baby.


Why the eClip?

Accidentally leaving a child in the car happens too often to loving families each year.

Since records were taken in 1998, more than 700 young children have unnecessarily

died by being forgotten in cars. Fortunately, this is a tragedy we can help prevent.


How does eClip attach?

Setting up eClip for daily use is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds. Simply

attach eClip to a car seat, regular seat belt or diaper bag. You can attach it to even more

places with the accessory strap that is included in the box. The on/off switch is designed

so a child cannot accidentally turn it off and there are no small parts that pose a choking


 Baby forgotten Alert

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