Heartwood Hotel Book Series {Book Promotion}

Heartwood Hotel Book Series {Book Promotion}

I received a copy of “ The Greatest Gift and A True Home” ($5.99/each value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

About the Series

Redwall meets Downton Abbey, in Heartwood Hotel: Book One, A True Home and Book Two, The Greatest Gift.  This heartwarming chapter book series follows the tale of Mona the Mouse, who discovers that the Heartwood Hotel is more than just a place to work or stay – it becomes a home.  Books one and two are published simultaneously, both in hardcover and paperback, with an accelerated publishing program aimed to keep readers hooked.

At the start of this series, when Mona stumbles across the wondrous world of the Heartwood Hotel in the middle of the storm, she desperately hopes they’ll let her stay.  As it turns out, Mona is precisely the maid they need at the grandest hotel in Fernwood Forest, where animals come from far and wide for safety, luxury, and comfort.  But the Heartwood Hotel is not all acorn soufflés and soft moss-lined beds.  Soon Mona finds that this hotel is more than a warm place to spend the night.  It might also be a home.


The Heartwood Hotel series is comprised of adorable, cute early chapter books geared for ages 7-10 with it’s easy reading and visual penciled pictures along the way.  Youngsters can read and engage themselves in this series as they follow Mona through her family tragedy and the hunt to find another home and friends and acceptance.  In this series, there are a lot of life lessons of acceptance that young readers will capture along the way.

The Heartwood Hotel’s motto is:  “We Live by Protect and Respect, Not by Tooth and Claw”, which the author thinks applies beyond the great tree’s rooms and will resonate with young readers and I agree!

I can easily see my 7-year old son enjoying this series if he reads by himself or if it’s a book we read nightly together.  Either way, it will keep his interest.

This series is available to purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere children’s books are sold!  Get your copies today!

A True Home High Res                       Greatest

About the Authors

Kallie George is an author of the Magical Animal Adoption Agency series.  She works as an author and speaker in Vancouver, Canada, and has a master’s in children’s literature from the University of British Columbia.  She also leads workshops for aspiring writers.  Kallie happened across the Heartwood Hotel on a hike with her husband.  Visit her online at kalliegeorge.com.

Stephanie Graegin received her BFA in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  She later attended Pratt Institute, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking.  Stephanie now lives in Brooklyn.  Visit her online at graegin.com or on Twitter @Steph_Graegin.

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