10 Superfoods To Balance Female Hormones Infographic {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Abigail Murdock

It is never a good thing to be sick. You have to spend for doctors and medicines, and you lose income on work or business. There is, however, no escaping these down moments.

At some point, our bodies just get tired or give up. That is when we address our issues by seeking medical treatment. But when we feel better, we go back to our usual lifestyle, diet and habits, and then we get sick again. It becomes a vicious cycle.

There is a better way of living a better life. The key word is PREVENTION, not cure. When we consciously and intentionally PREVENT illnesses, we are in a better position to control our health.

When we already know that girly issues plague us at certain times of the month, then we have to intentionally prepare our bodies by eating healthier or avoiding foods that trigger girly issues.

PREVENTING AILMENTS can be done by having a healthier lifestyle, avoiding stress, getting rid of habits that are bad for the body, eating healthy and consistently exercising. When all these are achieved, we get a body that is equipped to fight off diseases and withstand through tough times.

The best way to protect a woman’s health and beauty is to add hormone-balancing foods to her daily diet. This helps naturally balance the hormones in the body. From there, we will solve the complex problems of the body.

The following infographic from Food Adviser will show you about 10 hormone-balancing superfoods that you should use:


More About Abigail

Hey, my name is Abigail Murdock, and I am a foodie first, a wife and a blogging enthusiast.

As a young girl, I spent most time with my mother in the kitchen while she cooked. While other girls were playing dress-up Barbie dolls, I had my own kitchen set where I would pretend to make gourmet meals for our 3 dogs. Food has always been the central theme in my life.

My blog – Food Adviser intends to help you gain valuable knowledge about nutrition, food, and cooking. From there, help you get a healthier life.


*Infographic and bio photo courtesy of the Food Advisor

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