The Hidden Dangers of EMFs in the Home

The Hidden Dangers of EMFs in the Home


The safety of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) remains a controversial topic and this infographic from  Half Price takes you through everything you need to know about them. Information is power and while we shouldn’t live in fear of EMFs, we should at the very least be aware of their potential impact.

Our exposure levels are certainly concerning when you look at how the Environmental Protection Agency recommend limiting our exposure to a maximum of 2.5 mg a day. Many household devices expose us to far more of that. For example, if you stand very close to a microwave, you’re exposed to between 100mg-500mg.

There is little debate over high frequency EMFs and the risks are well documented. For example, if we go out in the sun for too long we get sunburned, so we are advised to keep out of it or wear protection. The issue is that low frequency EMFs do not have visible signs and it may be a number of years before their effects are felt. Check out the infographic for more information.


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