TapHanger is the World’s Fastest and Easiest Way to Hang Picture Frames {Product Review}

TapHanger is the World’s Fastest and Easiest Way to Hang Picture Frames {Product Review}

I received a sample “TapHanger Kit” ($12.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

TapHanger™ is the world’s fastest and easiest way to hang picture frames. You’ll be able to hang frames on your walls in about one minute, and the frames will never need to be straightened no matter how many doors you slam. Yet you may easily remove the frame from the wall in just seconds. There will be nothing to clean up, and your wall will have no damage. You’ll actually have FUN hanging your picture frames!

Each TapHanger kit comes with the TapHanger tool and 80 special TapHanger TapTacks – enough to hang 40 picture frames.

Check out the video on how easy it is to install:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOml_wgo9RQ


TapHanger is a great easy way to hang picture frames.  I helped supervise my hubby in hanging 3 pictures (1 small and 2 larger) and 1 wooden boot hanging (in an area we have struggled to hang items before).  Needless to say, it was quick and we were done in no time.  The process is very easy as the TapTacks are tapped into the top corners of the wooden frame and you then just gently press the frame into the wall. Easy peasy!

As stated on the package:

*No wires

*No screwdrivers

*No adhesives

*No wall damage

…and it’s all true.  We only used a hammer and a level along with the TapHanger.  In my opinion, the best thing is that there isn’t a big hole in wall if it needs to be moved or taken down, which is always a worry for me in regards to wall repair AND….the installation was a breeze alongside my hubby, which isn’t usually the case when hanging pictures with the usual supplies 😊


TapHanger can be purchased at Amazon. 

The $12.99 price seems like a deal when it can hang 40 pictures.  All in all, completely satisfied with this product and would highly recommend.  We have some rentals I cannot wait to try out in.

*Photo courtesy of Cynthia Tait

*Product Feature photo courtesy of TapHanger

Cynthia Tait

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