12 Hot Tips on Career Preparation for Students and Grads

12 Hot Tips on Career Preparation for Students and Grads

By Nishant Sinha

This is that time of your life when you have to think from your career perspective. You might be on the verge of achieving your graduation success. What’s Next? Give a thought of what you would want to shape yourself in prior to making an entry into the new arena. Let us quickly have a look at few impeccable tips to let you make good career choices:

  1.    Analyze Your Skills

The first and foremost key to walking towards your career path is to analyze where your interest lies. It is well believed that if you follow your passion, you are most likely to achieve success in the respective field. On the contrary, preparing for engineering exams even though you are good at photography will lead you to a dead-end. Therefore, analyze your skills and make a choice with its respect.

  1.    Interaction With Career Counselors

It is not always necessary to be firm on what you would want to see yourself as – 5 years down the line. Making a career choice is not a cakewalk. It requires interaction, discussion, and brainstorming. Who can be a better person than an experienced counselor to interact with? Get in touch with a good career counselor and solicit the best possible choices in reference to your inclinations. A counselor does not only make you familiarize yourself with distinctive career specializations but also tells you what is good for your kind of persona.

  1.    Pursue Your Post Graduation

Once you have made up your mind, enter into your specialization that will help you become an expert in your field. An in-depth study of your subjects is mandatory for you to excel in your career. Higher studies provide exposure, on-the-job training, and opportunities to showcase your talent. You will always be one level up from other employees as you have something extra to stretch out.

  1.    Do Internships Along With Your Post Grad

Employers get much impressed with the candidates when they find out the number of internships mentioned on your resume. Those who have done a couple of internships during their college time are well acquainted with the outside exposure and real-life experiences. They can generate practical and better ideas for any organization. Doing an internship under a reputed company makes a grand difference. However, the main focus of it remains the same; gaining extra knowledge, wisdom, and on-the-job experience. It is a crucial step towards your career building.

  1.    Get Associated with Non-Profit Organizations or Clubs

Brush up your leadership skills by joining a number of NGOs or clubs in society. When you start to shoulder any responsibility, you tend to wake up your leadership quotient. Taking part actively in clubs, delegating tasks, working in a team hikes up your confidence level and prepares you well for your future career. Employers look for these skills in any employee they hire. An additional advantage added to your resume.

  1.    Join Personality Development Classes

Give a boost to your personality – another essential factor that employers take into consideration while making a selection. You might be good with your mind but you have to be equally good at your presentation. The first thing that comes to any of the employers is your way of talking and your body language. Personality Development classes will help you shape your personality and enhance your presentation aptitude.

  1.    Build Social Networking

Social networking is pretty important nowadays especially in the age of high competition we live in. Knowing the masses will help you fetch their help at any point in time. Moreover, securing references also plays an important role in entering your dream company. You can give references to your friends or colleagues in the company you are applying for.

Suzie shares, “I am careful with the kind of friends I associate with online and offline. My online friends have helped me several times. One of them offered me free finance assignment help while another one told me of an opportunity in her company. I got the job and she got the employee referral money.”

A little diligence can help you avail such benefits too.

  1.    Learn the Technicality Of Your Field

There are many terminologies used in respective industries. You will have to adapt to certain technical words used in your industry for easy comprehension. You will certainly get to know numerous things while pursuing your career but some homework done beforehand gives you an edge over others. Be familiar with your field properly and then make an entry.

Choosing a good school to further your learning will certainly help you in this regard. We see a lot of people asking does it matter where you go to medical school and the like. The truth is that it does, so make your decision wisely.

  1.    Attend Career Carnivals

The best way to get your hands on to a suitable career is to explore different career opportunities. What can be a better place to visit than a career carnival? There everything speaks about careers and provides you the best possible directions required to choose a better path for yourself.

  1.    Enhance Your Writing Skills

Like your body language, your writing language is also given utmost importance in your job career. Every industry would demand preparation of reports, sending professional mailers to clients, jotting down day-to-day notes, and many more. If you are not good at writing, you are at a disadvantage. Prior to applying for any job, you have to make your resume and cover letter. Here comes a situation when you understand the importance of a good writer.

  1.    Do Additional Courses

There might be multiple other courses pertaining to your field where you can fetch additional knowledge. It is commendable to pursue those courses in order to have an all-around insight into your field. Do the course and get entitled to the certification. This will add feathers to your resume.

Studying extra courses is also a great way to fill specific gaps in your career. For instance, if you never gained skills such as management, accounting, or financing while studying, doing a course related to such allows you to earn them.

Another significant benefit of studying additional courses is finding the right networks in your career field. Most people already in various professions will undertake short courses to remain relevant in their career fields. If you are fresh from college, you can interact with them, allowing you to find the right job through them. And lastly, additional short courses can be a tool to getting higher salaries once you secure a job.

There are many short courses to study depending on where your interests lie. For instance, if you are interested in being a certified masseuse, you can enroll in a massage therapy school. If interested in bakery, there are many short online courses for mastering the art of baking and more.

  1.    Be Open To Your Surroundings

Last but not least, be open to your surroundings. Do not restrict yourself from exploring anything. The more you explore, the more expertise you gain. There is no limit to the sky. Keep on learning and exploring new things.

Sway away your worries with respect to your career. The above points will help you to a great extent in building up your career. You have worked really hard to reach till here. With a little more effort, you can reach your destination. Be focused!


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Nishant Sinha is the co-founder of Transtutors.com, an Online Assignment Help platform for students of Graduation and Post-Graduation level. He believes that brightest of students need help at times and that academic excellence begets thirst for more knowledge. You can contact him through his LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.



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