Ultimate Checklist Of Things To Do Before You Travel {Guest Post}

Ultimate Checklist Of Things To Do Before You Travel {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Todd DeSimone


Air travel can be one of the most convenient ways to get where you want to go, but only if you know how to make the process easier on yourself. Although traveling by air has gained a reputation of late for being a challenging and frustrating experience, a good amount of that frustration can be traced to issues that are easily avoidable. For example, one major airline recently announced that approximately 70,000 of its passengers missed their flights due to excessive waiting in security lines. In the majority of these cases, simply arriving at the airport with enough time to get through screening would have meant those passengers would have made their flights successfully. There are numerous details that can get overlooked when you attempt to travel by air. Though in most cases, some preparation can prevent little annoyances from becoming major inconveniences.

For example, one of the biggest mistakes travelers can make is assuming that they can breeze through the airport in the minimal amount of time before their departure. This assumes not only that traffic to the airport will not be a problem, but that every other traveler at the airport knows what he or she is doing. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Traffic can become snarled on the way to the airport for dozens of reasons — whether due to accidents, construction or adverse weather conditions. Once you arrive at the airport, security screening may be lagging due to staffing shortages, excessive passenger loads or people simply taking too long to get their belongings in order.

Being prepared for your trip not only makes the process easier for you, but it also helps cut down on the time everyone else has to spend waiting to board their flights. Keeping your passport, ID and boarding passes where you can get to them easily means you won’t have to tie up the line digging through your bag or wallet. Being prepared in the security screening line by removing your laptop from your bag and emptying your pockets in advance means a shorter wait for you as well as everyone behind you.

Of course, traveling via charter eliminates many of the potential pain points that exist when flying commercially, but that doesn’t mean being prepared isn’t necessary. Before booking your flight, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your charter’s rules and restrictions as well as how you’ll arrange for ground transportation. Failing to make these arrangements beforehand could mean you’ll be left waiting a lot longer than you expected.

Whether you will be flying via commercial travel on a major airline or private travel through a charter, it’s important to remember that preparation is the key to a successful and stress-free travel experience. Yet even the most experienced traveler can forget some small detail once in a while that can lead to major delays and headaches. That’s why the accompanying travel checklist can be a useful tool for anyone traveling by air.


Author Bio: Todd DeSimone has been General Manager at Planemasters since 2000. Based in West Chicago, IL, Planemasters has been the industry leader in charter flight operations for more than 30 years.

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