Touched by the Finger of God {Book Promotion}

Touched by the Finger of God {Book Promotion}


We all have a story to tell…of life, love and loss…and also those touched by God. Robert E. Grant is a “Faithful Believer” who felt he was “Touched by the Finger of God” in his first book named the same.

In this novel, Grant tells his true story revealing the miracles and unusual life events that brought him full circle from being separated from his birth family at around age two to being reunited with them over forty years later.

Grant’s story reveals life-long struggles, but then also his perseverance in knowing that God was always there guiding him forward…during the most highs and lows of life….separation from his parents, marriage, loss of a brother and major personal health issues.  All in all, God was there leading the way and holding his hand and Grant still holds on to that.

Grant was inspired to write his book by many who felt his life story would lead others to Christ.  After reviewing, I do believe it will do just that….lead others to Christ or deepen their current faith.  “Touched by the Finger of God” can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Robert E. Grant was inspired to write his first book at the urging of many who felt his story would help others find Christ. He has written and given many religious speeches on Christian values and shares his testimony during Texas Koinonia events. He is currently attending and serves as the vice moderator at the Northwest Christian Church in Arlington, Texas, with his wife and family members. To learn more about Grant and his new book, “Touched by the Finger of God,” visit





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