Children’s Book Series SEAPER POWERS by Kim Cameron – {Series Promotion}

Children’s Book Series SEAPER POWERS by Kim Cameron – {Series Promotion}

I received a copy of “Seaper Powers Series($25.00 value/each Amazon) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 


Seaper Powers is a four-book series by Kim Cameron that takes children’s minds to a whole new world. Each book is filled with friendly animals, undersea adventures, and tons of surprises along the way. The premise of the series is based on a little girl, Emma, who while on vacation discovers that she has magical powers in the sea. She befriends an octopus and a starfish along with other sea creatures, and together, they go on many adventures, and they just might save the sea!”

For those kiddos who LOVE adventure stories, this is the series for them.  In this series, Emma, as a little girl, discovers she has magical powers in the sea and meets lifetime sea friends along the way.  Her adventures stretch out into her adulthood throughout the series meeting new sea friends.  Chapters are quick, there are plenty of illustrations along the way to keep young readers engaged and the story line hops from one action to another. The stories bring tales of the sea alive and also the desires to be helpful and be a good friend.

The Seaper Powers series can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.  It is geared for ages 4-9 (grades K-4), but books are lengthy and younger kiddos will need help reading as this series is more chapter books than a children’s picture book.


About Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron is a true believer in nurturing and motivating children. Her series was inspired after meeting a young 12-year-old girl on tour who was fascinated with octopi. This encounter led to the creation of Mr. Octopus, a children’s tune that later was taken to the next level using the song as the impetus. Cameron continues to travel across the country as part of the series national book tour/puppet show. Kim is also a Billboard chart-topping, high energy, deep house artist. You can hear her music on radio stations across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia

*Headshot courtesy of Kim Cameron




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