Danger of Skin Cancer – How Selfies Destroy the Skin

Danger of Skin Cancer – How Selfies Destroy the Skin


Studies prove that HEV light from a mobile phone destroys the skin

New York, 06.21.2018

Millions of selfies are taken and distributed on the net every day. Selfies pose a previously little-known danger. The danger is called HEV light (High Energy Visible). According to studies, the blue light penetrates deep into the skin and causes immense oxidative stress and thus also has a negative effect on cells. This means that free radicals destroy the complex cell structures over time and thus also the important collagen and elastin formation that gives our skin its youthful and full appearance. These damages are ultimately the cause of premature skin aging

In addition, HEV light is associated with uneven skin pigmentation, known as hyperpigmentation. As a result, HEV light can be connected with three unsightly effects: the formation of wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation disorders. Even skin blemishes are often caused by blue light. The risk of skin cancer is even mentioned in the studies.

Researchers consider HEV light to be even more dangerous than UV radiation. They refer to study results of the “University of New Mexico” or the research group of the pharmaceutical company Lipo Chemicals.

It may well be that the selfie generation that is so in love with its own reflection will quickly end up looking especially old.

As yet, there are no effective substances that protect against HEV light. Cosmetics manufacturers in the USA are working at full speed on filters to absorb blue light.

What are your thoughts on this?

*Info courtesy of List Medien & Beteiligungs GmbH

Cynthia Tait

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