20% Off For You, 5% Back to Inspire Citizens Ends Aug. 5

20% Off For You, 5% Back to Inspire Citizens Ends Aug. 5

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Save 20% and Help Them Make a Bigger Difference

Giving is at the core of Tea Collection’s mission to be good global citizens. To them, that means supporting children who make a difference – whether it’s helping a neighbor, volunteering, or making sure no one sits alone at lunch. These five kids show the kindness, compassion and determination that make the world a better place. And they inspire all of us to be the best citizens we can be, both in our communities at home and in the way we consider our impact on the wider world.

Join the mission as they donate 5%* of all Tea sales from Monday, (7/30) through Sunday, (8/5) to help the Inspiring Little Citizens deepen their impact on the causes of their choice.

Meet The 2018 Inspiring Little Citizen Finalists:

Isabella of North Olmsted, OH: From looking after friends with differences to over 100 hours spent volunteering with her mom at a senior center, 11-year-old Isabella has always been most happy when she’s helping others. When her baby sister Olivia was born with Down syndrome, she wanted others to see Olivia for who she is inside. Every year on her sister’s birthday, she does a presentation for her classmates on how people rocking that extra chromosome are more like us than they are different. Isabella is giving her donation to Gigi’s Playhouse in Cleveland, a Down syndrome achievement center where her sister is a regular and she is an unofficial volunteer.

Jack of Glenmoore, PA: It’s in Jack’s nature to think of others. When another classmate is sad or lonely or feels isolated, Jack feels it too, and figures out a way to make things better – either with a smile, sharing toys or just being a caring friend. Jack wants to bring that same love and friendship to local families suffering from cancer. His chosen charity, Horse Power for Life, gives families and their loved ones a chance to forget about the disease for a while by learning about and working with horses.

Juliette of Los Altos, CA: Six-year-old Juliette cares a lot about bees. Her class wrote and performed a play where she played a farmer who shares how bees are important for both plants and people. She took her knowledge from the play and shared it with her community, educating everyone from adults and kids at a pool party to the staff at a special needs residential center and her neighbors. Little Citizen – Bee Ambassador! She’ll put her portion of Tea proceeds toward building a vegetable and flower garden at a developmentally disabled group home, benefiting both bees and people with special needs.

Evan of Denton, TX: Now a sixth-grader, Evan has been battling leukemia since he was 9 years old. During treatment at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, he thought he could make hospital life more fun for other kids. So he and his parents involved patients and medical staff to bring video games like Mario Cart to life in the halls of the hospital! Did you know only 4% of research funds go towards children’s cancer? Evan does. That’s why he’ll put half his share of Tea proceeds toward Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Organization, and the other half toward Night of Superstars, which provides scholarships for special needs students and young adults.

Sophia of Rochester, NY: Sophia is an inspiring example of not judging a book by its cover. Because as a 7 ½-year-old with alopecia, she knows what it feels like when others do. She’s on a mission to spread the message of choosing curiosity and friendliness over assumption and exclusion. She made a video at school to teach her peers about her condition, and she treats others with visible differences the way she hopes to be treated – not with fear or judgment but with connectedness and understanding. Sophia will donate her proceeds from Tea to Children’s Alopecia Project to promote education and curiosity about kids with visible differences.

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