Organizing is Easy with the Family Planner Pad

Organizing is Easy with the Family Planner Pad

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When momAgenda first created the Family Planner Pad, little did they know this product would grow over time to become a customer cult favorite and their bestselling pad.

This pad makes it easy to get organized, using their famous layout with separate spaces for mom and up to four kids. Simple fill it out each week and then leave it on the fridge (it’s magnetized!) or the kitchen counter, where everyone in the family can see it and reference it each day.

It’s a perfect complement to your day planner, or just on it’s own!

For a limited time, when you buy a Family Planner Pad along with a momAgenda Desktop, you’ll save over $10! Simple use the code BTS18 to receive your discount. It’s a $59.95 value for only $49! This offer ends soon.

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