COOK ONCE-EAT TWICE Food Network Chef Jeff Mauro Back to School Lunch Hacks {Interview}

COOK ONCE-EAT TWICE Food Network Chef Jeff Mauro Back to School Lunch Hacks {Interview}

Food Network Chef Jeff Mauro Serves Up Ideas for

Double Duty Meals & Lunch Hacks

As Hectic Back-To School Season Begins


Have you heard? More than 50% of Americans don’t really like to spend time preparing meals. Most people say they simply don’t have enough hours in the day to spend in the kitchen. Researchers say you can save a lot of money cooking in.

Food Network’s Chef Jeff Mauro has a solution for busy families when it comes to weekly meal planning. Jeff says if there’s a recipe your family loves, don’t just double it, triple it. Tripling the recipe equals triple the time savings.

Another tip: Quick and easy breakfast overnight oats are Jeff’s favorite, make a big batch of oatmeal, divide it up into jars, sweeten it with juice, add fresh fruit leave it in the fridge for a great grab-and-go breakfast!

Join me in a recent interview with Chef Jeff Mauro as he shares his special time saving tips for cooking once and eating twice. He’ll offer some unique new recipes he’s created to help with fast and tasty meals and present back-to-school lunchbox hacks you won’t want to miss.

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Unique Back-to-School Hacks:

  • Cook Once Eat Twice: Turn dinner into lunch! Make last night’s chicken fingers with Jeff’s homemade mango sauce, into a lunch box rollup, just add some lettuce, tomato, use the mango sauce as a condiment and send your kids out the door.
  • Interactive Food: Have kids build their own pinwheel lunches. Make a  ham & cheese wrap by preparing a lunch box with ingredients and let them have fun putting it all together.
  • Use a frozen juice box as an icepack: it can keep everything cold, then double as a drink once it defrosts

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More About Jeff Mauro:

Juicy Juice Flavor Expert, and Emmy-Nominated Celebrity Chef, Jeff Mauro was born and raised in Chicago where he was determined from an early age to become the funniest chef in the world.

He was cast in Season 7 of the hit show Food Network Star and won the competition by combining his passions for cooking with comedy, which also landed him his own series, The Sandwich King. After five successful seasons to date, he was tapped by the Food Network to also host the hit daytime show, The Kitchen, now in it’s 15th season.

Jeff is the proud partner & executive chef of Pork & Mindy’s restaurants. He still lives “in the neighborhood” with his wife Sarah and his son Lorenzo. His favorite color is Pastrami and his favorite smell is meat smoke.

Interview is courtesy: Juicy Juice

*Photo courtesy of Juicy Juice

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