Declutter Your Home In 21 Days {Infographic}

Declutter Your Home In 21 Days {Infographic}

Nearly every home has at least some clutter and it can be easy to let things get out of hand. This infographic from HappyCleans looks at simple ways you can declutter your home every day for 21 days. One common offender is many of the old bills and receipts that seem to pile up on our counters. We generally don’t need 90% of this stuff so do a quick run through and check what you need to keep and bin or recycle the rest.

Magazines and books fall in a similar category and the majority of homes will have these piled up for years and few of these will ever be utilized. Organize what you want to keep and recycle or donate the rest.

Many homes also have a junk drawer full of exactly that – junk.  This drawer should be for miscellaneous items that we still use and not stuff that is more suitable for the bin. Clear what you don’t need out of this drawer and reassign anything you need to keep.

I can be a scary task for some but nearly everyone will have items in their bedroom closet that they never plan on wearing again. Grab them and throw away anything with holes and donate the rest. Check out the full infographic now and remove items from your home that you do not need. Get your space back today!


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