How to Treat your Skin Without the TRICKS!

How to Treat your Skin Without the TRICKS!

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While the kids may be trick or treating soon, you may be wondering if your skincare products are playing a serious trick on you. Well maybe not, but now that I’ve got your attention…..hahaha….. are you happy with your skin and skincare products?

Since I have oily skin, I am not necessarily exempt from dryness and irritation. Dry spots and redness may occur under my eyes, on my nose, and chin. It’s really annoying, how about you? This is a result of a product that you may use often. What could it be? Makeup wipes!!

Are you curious about how you can treat your skin better? One option is to stop using those makeup wipes. Wait….what?

I recently treated my skin to something you wouldn’t initially think would be a big deal, but does your skin get irritated by makeup wipes? Unfortunately, I had to completely stop using them and go the chemical-free route which I have mentioned in a previous post. So basically, just a washrag and water? Yep! That’s it? What about heavy makeup such as waterproof mascara you may ask? I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of a product I started using and I think you will be too. I love the Makeup Eraser and haven’t turned back since using it. It’s changed the way my skin handles the removal of dirt and makeup and I couldn’t be happier!

So yes, I guess you can say that I treated my skin to much less abrasive makeup removal. Let me tell you, those makeup wipes (and I’ve tried a variety of brands), WRECK my skin. It burns my eyes and face and turns them red. It may make for a great Halloween mask though…;)

This is even true if the package says for sensitive skin. Weird, right? What on earth are in those wipes? Is my skin just ultra-sensitive and crazy? Am I alone out there? {Echo, Echo, Echo} Now, makeup wipes may work for you just fine and that’s awesome, but I have to say, I found something pretty amazing that I think you will like too. I didn’t think it would work and it DOES! It also lasts for a very long time in between washes. I just ordered one for my 15-year-old for her upcoming National pageant in Cali next month. Her skin is sensitive too and those wipes were just not doing it for her.

I am also saving money going this route. It sure beats wasting money on disposable wipes!

Let’s treat our skin to healthier skin. No more tricks and complicated products for this girl!

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