The Cow Said NEIGH! By Rory Feek {Book Promotion}

The Cow Said NEIGH! By Rory Feek {Book Promotion}

I received a copy of The Cow Said NEIGH!” ($16.95 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. This post may also contain affiliate links. This means that when you click a link and make a purchase, a percentage goes towards our blog. More details in disclosure above. Thank you for your support.

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Life is always greener on the other side….is what we always think and so do the farm animals in Rory Feek’s, new picture book, The Cow Said NEIGH!  The cow is neighing; the horse is quacking; and the duck is baaing….and so on and so forth as the animals THINK of how easy it is to live in someone else’s shoes.  Join in with the animal’s as they seem to have all the answers of what they would do…”If I were a pig” or “If I were a sheep”.

The Cow Said NEIGH! can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.  This colorfully illustrated book is geared for ages 4-8 (grades Preschool – 3).

About the Author

Feek is a father to three daughters, a New York Times Bestselling author, and GRAMMY-winning singer and songwriter. He is most well-known as one-half of Joey+Rory, a country music duo he began with his wife, Joey. The couple captured the hearts of many as Rory chronicled their love story on his blog, as well as the birth of their daughter, Indiana, Joey’s cancer diagnosis and their preparation for her passing in March 2016. Since, he’s released a documentary, To Joey, With Love as well as two memoirs, This Life I Live: One Man’s Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Forever (Thomas Nelson) and Once Upon a Farm: Lessons on Growing Love, Life, and Hope on a New Frontier. He lives on a farm south of Nashville with his youngest daughter, who is now four years old, where they garden vegetables, raise animals and live a simpler life.  For more information about Rory Feek, visit

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