How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean with a Toddler Around #GuestPost

How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean with a Toddler Around #GuestPost

Guest Post by Morgan Antoinette


With a toddler to look after, you don’t have nearly as much time as you would want to have for doing the easiest every day jobs. And the thing is that you still have a lot of jobs to do other than to watch after your child.

One such job is keeping the kitchen clean. In fact, cleaning the kitchen is possibly the most crucial task that you need to be doing. You are making food in the kitchen after all, right?

Hiring a maid would be a perfectly fine solution. But if you don’t want to do that, then you would need to find ways to optimize your time with.

That’s actually quite easy.

Without further ado, let’s see what the things are that you could do to make your kitchen clean with a toddler around.

Keep your kitchen organized

Everything needs to have its place in your kitchen. This may sound very obvious and simple to you, but it is much more important when you have a toddler to look after.

Previously, keeping everything in its place may have been very intuitive for you. However, with a toddler, you won’t be having much time on your hands, so you may end up putting items where they don’t belong in a hurry.

You won’t then have much time to reorganize the items you misplaced, so you should simply put your kitchen items in the right place to avoid that altogether.

If you don’t really have a habit of storing your things away when not in use, then you should really develop it. Tableware, spices, dirty coffee cups, all those things make your kitchen messier and more difficult to clean. Not to mention that they may become a hazard for your kid.

Do daily sweeps

Instead of just doing the floor sweeping once or twice per week, make sure to do it every day.

If you do rare sweeps, then you will have to deal with bigger messes and will, needless to say, spend more time on it. And given that you have already limited time on your hands, doing large sweeping jobs may be quite uneasy.

Instead, it would be much better to dedicate a smaller amount of time every day. This way, you won’t need to spend much time on a large cleaning task, even if it is twice a week.

In fact, if you keep your kitchen all tidy and organized, like we already said, then the daily sweeps will be much easier for you since you won’t need to reorganize everything as you sweep the floors.



A great way of saving time is just doing several tasks at once. Not everything can be done at the same time, but there are some things that you could merge together to optimize your timesaving.

You could, as a simple example, wipe the countertops while talking on the phone. Or when watching TV, you could proceed on to the sweeping during commercial breaks.

Another great way to save time and effort is having your toddler on you in a baby carrier. Keeping an eye on the toddler is a priority, after all, and with a baby carrier, you won’t have to get distracted from your kitchen cleaning jobs.

There are several safety precautions you would need to have in mind though.

First of all, you would need to make sure not to use harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach with your toddler nearby or in the baby carrier. Either use safer products (which is a good idea in any case) or just do the cleaning later.

Aside from that, if you will be going for a baby carrier, you would need to make sure that your kid has adequate neck support in it. You would need to both wear the carrier correctly and also get a good carrier in the first place.

Involve your toddler in the cleaning

Another way to do the cleaning easier is involving your toddler in the process. This will allow you to achieve two things at once.

On one hand, your toddler will be occupied with something right in your field of view, so it will be easier to look after him. On the other hand, you would also probably have some fun while watching your toddler play with plastic dishes or his toys.

And besides, you would be giving an example to your toddler by cleaning the kitchen while he is there with you. Motivating kids to keep the rooms clean and picking up after themselves is a thing that probably all parents struggle with, so this could be a good chance for you to teach your toddler the good thing.

Be realistic

Before, when you didn’t have to think about keeping an eye on a toddler, you could focus on the cleaning and tidying more. And you also had much more time for the kitchen cleaning job.

Now that there is a toddler requiring attention and care, things won’t be the same. Your kitchen might have been the tidiest kitchen in the world before, but be prepared that it will be completely different with a toddler.

This doesn’t mean that your kitchen will be a complete mess. But you probably won’t be able to achieve spot-on cleanness in it. This is a thing that you need to realize.

While your kitchen probably won’t be as well-organized and as clean as before, you shouldn’t worry about that at all. Your toddler is the priority. And besides, if you are worried about the impression that your kitchen could make on your guests, worry not because their attention will be directed at your toddler.

Ask someone else to keep an eye on your toddler

If you have no time on your hands or there is a particularly busy day awaiting you during the week, the best option would probably be to ask someone to take care of your child while you do the cleaning.

It could be a relative, your friend, or a hired babysitter, it doesn’t matter. What does matter though is that it should be a person trusted by you.


More About Morgan

Hey everyone, I am Morgan, a mom blogger who tries to manage home and kids at the same time and shares the experience online. My blog is The House Wire where I talk everything home (mostly product reviews).

Personally, I am blessed with two kids (7 & 3) & I blog full time since 2012. Thanks for reading this article. I hope you enjoyed it.

*Bio pic and photos courtesy of Morgan Antoinette

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