We are Falling in Love….With Valentine’s Day Nail Designs by Color Street! {Review}

We are Falling in Love….With Valentine’s Day Nail Designs by Color Street! {Review}

I received samples of Valentine’s Day nails ($26 value) by Color Street. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Remember my review posts on Color Street awhile back? I am excited to be doing a review again for an amazing company. If you haven’t learned about this awesome business and the products, check out a previous review here.

I am so excited to be sharing with you some of their latest line just in time for Valentine’s Day! My 15-year-old did her nails and I did my toes.

The first set is called Cannes-Fetti! It’s an elegant yet subtle design that is transparent with glitter sparkles. The colors mixed into the design are red, purple, and gold. My daughter chose to wear it alone. You can choose to wear it over another nail color for effect.  I can stress enough the importance of a great makeup magnifying mirror to reach those spotless nails! Here are the results below:

The second set is called Florence Fizz! I put this design on my toes. So fun! The designs are “dusted brilliant pink with sparkling silver glitter to bring you Florence Fizz, a colorful and elegant dipped glitter look.”  I love it! It’s definitely eye candy for sure. I did my toes because my fingernails need a little TLC. 😉 I also shared an actual pic of the design for a better perspective.

Credit: Florence Fizz Pic-Color Street

Each nail design set is $13.!

What sets Color Street apart from the rest?

“Color Street is an AMAZING self adhesive 100% nail polish. Imagine giving yourself a 10 minute manicure. Each strip can easily provide you with a mani/pedi and removes easily with nail polish remover.”

Believe it or not, you can actually do your nails in a hurry while in the car, etc. It’s that fast and easy if done properly. No MESSES or harsh nail polish smells either as with a conventional Valentine’s Day manicure. The designs also last a long time which is a plus for an active and busy lifestyle.

Are you ready to purchase your own Valentine’s Day nails? Check out their current designs! Hurry, they sell out quickly!! One of the designs is already out of stock.

Happy nail design shopping!


Lindsey Jenn

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