How to Find Inside Trends on Online Deals {Interview}

How to Find Inside Trends on Online Deals {Interview}

Analysts predict that Americans can expect larger tax refunds this year, thanks to the tax legislation passed last year. With this influx of money back from the government, consumers are probably looking for how they can shop smart and get the best deals with their newfound windfall. Luckily, there are plenty of simple, automated ways to save money with little effort: 

 ● Set manageable and specific goals. Instead of making a broad commitment to save, set a more manageable goal of saving a certain amount of money through smarter everyday shopping.

 ● Comparison shop. Learn how automated tools can do the work for consumers, helping find the everyday best prices online without spending hours comparison shopping and coupon hunting.  

● Earn credit for your online purchases through retailer loyalty programs, as well as rewards programs offered by credit cards and price-savings tools

● Take advantage of real-time shopping technology that can help you achieve your goal.   

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing WALT ROLOSON, Co-CEO of Wikibuy – the free price comparison tool for online shopping from Capital One. Walt was able to discuss online shopping trends and ways that your viewers can find a great deal online at the click of a button. 

He also discussed:

*Why online prices vary so widely . 

*New tools and tips that help consumers know they’re getting a great deal when shopping online, including finding low prices and managing shipping costs .

*Why your coupon code may not be the best available, or even valid Ecommerce trends for 2019, including insights into product and category pricing trends that inform the ideal time to make specific purchases 

See the entire interview here:

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About Walt Roloson:

Walt Roloson is Vice President of Business and Co-Head of Wikibuy, now a part of Capital OneWalt, an original co-founder of Wikibuy has helped grow the company from an idea to an active community of two million members who have helped each other save more than $50 million. Walt has led the company’s business activities including marketing, sales and finance and has assisted with team building across the company as well as develope exclusive retail partnerships to enhance incremental business and acquire new customers.

Interview provided by Wikibuy

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