Natural Playgrounds: More Beneficial for Children Growth {Guest Post}

Natural Playgrounds: More Beneficial for Children Growth {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Kate Westall

There is this growing trend of creating natural playgrounds for children growth and all-round development. Such playgrounds are not created only for entertainment but also, they comprise of natural elements like grass, trees, stones, water, shrubs, wooden tree and sand. These natural playgrounds offer child ample opportunities to run and play and use the prefabricated elements and materials to create new things. This opens their creativity.

The idea of natural playground creation for child development is a recent trend where playgrounds are created based on existing topography and using natural materials for creating an outdoor space where children can discover as well as interact with the natural environment.

Five Benefits of Natural Playground on Child Growth

1) Aid in growth – When children play regularly in the fresh air, it creates a physical as well as a psychological impact. Fresh air gushing through the lungs opens the human mind. Automatically they start preferring to be out in the lush green fields rather than indoor commercially created playgrounds. As per research, as various elements are added in natural playgrounds the child wants to spend more time in the park and create new things. Increased stay in natural playgrounds no doubt enhances their growth and fitness levels.

2) Encourages imaginative play process- Natural playgrounds are any day much more welcoming, charming and accessible. Children witness growth in their imaginative power when they play with natural materials and elements. It is a platform where free role play is possible. Children do not like to be instructed and hence a natural playground gives them the freedom they need to open their minds and imagination.

3) Preference of visualisation- Children are actively referring to playground installations which are made from natural forms and materials. With the help of the visual appeal created children are seldom bored when playing in natural ones. Installation of play elements based on natural elements improves cognitive awareness, fantasy play and socialisation skill of children as well.

4) Construction and cooperation skills– When creating a natural playground for children it is important to ensure that they get opportunities for conducting constructive activities. For example, children love to dig on the sand, stack up stone or objects to build structures, make water channels or create a small pond. Construction ideas will open the creativity of a child and give them satisfaction as they play. It has been found that when a group of children plays together on construction projects in a natural setting, they develop the skill of collaboration and cooperation also gives a boost to their leadership quality. When children learn cooperation and similar skills at a young age, this is often reflected in their gestures when they grow up and become adults.

5) Opportunity to study nature – Natural playgrounds can also be excellent setups to teach children things about nature, plants, and animals. A garden area where a natural playground setting is created will introduce children to nature. They can explore the area and study plans, flowers and trees and even learn to recognize garden insects and birds. As an elder, you can further enhance their knowledge about the various elements of nature.

The benefits which you will be getting in natural settings will never be found in a commercial set up. You should allow your child to become more creative and expose them to natural playgrounds as much as possible. Do take the safety measures implemented when constructing natural playgrounds for the child. There can be many elements which can cause injuries to the toddler or young children.

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