Overcoming Boredom: 5 Busy Teen Summer Side Jobs {Guest Post}

Overcoming Boredom: 5 Busy Teen Summer Side Jobs {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Kara Masterson

If you have a teenager, then you can help them avoid boredom this summer by finding a side job. Here are five jobs that can keep your teen busy this summer.

Concession Worker

Movie theaters need more concession workers in the summer because more people want to watch the latest movies during this season. A teenager will likely need to work during the evenings and on weekends. In addition to filling boxes of popcorn for customers, a teenager may have ushering and cleaning responsibilities. Some movie theater managers will also give an employee a few free movie tickets each month.

Golf Caddie

When you love working outside, consider finding a job at a golf course. Golf caddies help the golfers by carrying the person’s bag and clubs. A great golf caddie who understands the sport can also help the golfer with her game. In addition to an hourly salary, a golf caddie often receives a tip from the golfer.

Lawn Care

Caring for lawns is one of the best jobs for teenagers because it is a seasonal task. Many homeowners don’t have the time to mow their lawns or to collect grass clippings. To begin a job mowing lawns, it is a good idea to have a lawn mower of your own so that you will understand how it works. If you look in your neighborhood, then you will find homeowners who need high-quality lawn care services.

Grocery Bagger

Many local supermarkets need additional employees during the summer to help with bagging groceries, collecting shopping carts and stocking shelves. This is another job that often requires working on the weekends because this is when many individuals shop for their groceries. This is a great job to begin the transition to working as a cashier or in retail management.

Collect Metal for Cash

Scrap metal buyers are looking for different types of items that are made from a variety of metals. These individuals will pay you cash for metals such as copper, steel or iron. You can have recycling bins so that your neighbors can throw away beverage cans and other metal things so that you can take the junk to a buyer for cash.

Spend Money and Save Money

When you are working during the summer, you should have a bank account so that you can cash your checks. Make sure to save some money in addition to having some fun with the money that you earn with your summer job.

More About the Author

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

*Photos courtesy of Kara Masterson

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