3 DIY Tips for Moms {Guest Post}

3 DIY Tips for Moms {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Jennifer Dawson

Home improvement isn’t just for dads. Moms can make their homes look stunning, too, but there are still essential tips moms must know before taking on their first big DIY project. Ranging from safety to making the final project much prettier, here’s what you need to know when doing a DIY project.

Get the Kids Involved

You don’t have to give little Johnny a buzz saw, but you can let your kids help you paint, reorganize, tidy up, or do whatever else is within their power to do. You don’t have to give them total control, but experts say that kids helping out with DIY projects benefits their brains due to the creativity and critical thinking involved in the creation, bodies due to the physical effort exerted, and social lives because DIY is often a collaborative effort. Some fun examples include nail polish key covers and night lamps made from glow sticks. Perhaps toddlers should stay out of DIY endeavors, but children five and up would love to help their mother make their home prettier.

Learn to Spot Correct on Drywall

Kids can be rambunctious, and walls are often too weak to handle the force of children. You can easily repair holes in drywall with self-adhesive plasterboard patches or by applying non-shrink putty onto smaller holes. With both, be sure to smooth the area thoroughly before reapplying paint. Damage from drywall can happen for a variety of reasons in a home over time, such as a door accidentally hitting the wall too hard and leaving a mark from the doorknob. No matter the reason, learning to repair drywall on your own is a quick way to save money while beautifying your home.

Rewire a House

For a bit of a more intensive task, you could learn to rewire the house. This would be especially important if you’re flipping a home or adding a new addition to your current home. To rewire a house, you have to take the necessary electrical precautions to avoid execution, such as using reliable tools with rubber handles. Then you’ll have to gut the existing wires before adding new ones — making sure not to hit the electrical lines already in the home for safety. Rewiring a home can make electrical products work better and add to the quality of living in that space. By taking matters into your own hands, moms can improve their homes for themselves and their children.

Moms can help improve their homes too. With these tips, you can make your house much more pleasant for your children to live in. With just a spare weekend, who knows what amazing improvements you can do.

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