Kids & iPads: A Guide For Parents -Infographic

Kids & iPads: A Guide For Parents -Infographic

Experts recommend that parents should see the use of new technologies as if it were junk food, understanding that small doses are fine but, in excess, it can have consequences. In this regard, it is prudent to know that access to electronic devices is becoming more common for children especially and this infographic from SuperCleaning Louisville offers advice to parents on the issue.

Statistics indicate that 54% of children under 5 already have their own iPad and spend 2.8 hours of their day watching videos. These numbers have alarmed parents; nonetheless, they are advised to maintain a sensible approach. Technology is part of our lives and will continue to be and for that reason, we must try to adapt to it and limit its use in order to reduce the negative impact they may have.

The recommendations for parents are to allow young children access to digital media only in video format, which can be educational, and prevent the infant from dedicating more than an hour to it. Everything in excess is bad and technology is no different. The dependence that children may have on electronic devices is capable of interfering in the development of their social skills and even in the maintenance of good physical and mental health. Some tips in the infographic can help you decide which areas of the house are exempt from the usage of mobile devices, create habits of control over their use and help the child understand tech is a privilege rather than a fundamental part of their routine.


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