Proverbs From Around the World – Book Showcase

Proverbs From Around the World – Book Showcase

I received a copy of Proverbs From Around the World” ($15.00 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

A Proverb…quoted from is….” a short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.”(  Also, from the BBC …”Proverbs become popular because “people use them to connect with other people and the wisdom of the past.” In our work life, that wisdom is usually used to motivate colleagues and employees (Peters, 2016).

Proverbs From Around the World, A Collection of Timeless Wisdom, Wit, Sayings & Advice is all that and more.

Book Introduction

“Our World is Massive.

With a scope well beyond what most people can fathom, and certainly too large to be experienced in full during one lifetime, the Earth is full of experiences and collected wisdom of billions upon billions of people.  And here, we’ve collected the very best of the best. 

From Australia to Zimbabwe, this anthology collects some of history’s most important and enduring adages.  One may never have the time to experience the world firsthand, but it is our hope that these time-tested sayings will provide you with a renewed connection to culture on a global scale.  Remember, regardless of who you are – or where you came from – everyone can use a little wisdom. 

We hope you enjoy your trip!”

Proverbs From Around the World is truly chocked full of Proverbs…for everyone.  This book is divided into many areas….

  • Wisdom from Animals
  • Family/Friend/Enemies
  • Food, Drink and Good Times
  • Learning One’s Lesson
  • Life & Death
  • Love and Relationships
  • On People
  • The Value of a Hard Day’s Work
  • The Beauty of Nature
  • Words to the Wise

Each area is then alphabetized by country.  Many Proverbs I’ve never heard before, such as:

“If you are a fast talker, at least think slowly.”   -CRETE

“They who drink beer think beer.” – UNITED STATES

“He who always wants the last word ends up talking to himself.” – BRITTANY

Some Proverbs in this book are old-time favorites, but interesting to see which country they originated from.

Great Proverb book that makes you think a bit about life and also makes you chuckle a bit about life.

Proverbs From Around the World can be purchased at Amazon at

About the Author

Gerd de Ley is a former English teacher and has been a professional writer and actor since 1975. From an early age, Gerd has been an avid collector of quotations and proverbs from all over the world and has had more than 450 works published in Holland and Belgium. His most comprehensive book, Het Grootste Citatenboek ter Wereld (translated as The Greatest Quotation Book in the World), was published in 2009 and contains over 40,000 quotes. For the past two decades, Gerd has worked together with linguist David Potter to bring his work to English audiences, resulting in publications in England, USA, India, Finland, China, and Vietnam.

Peters, M. (2016, November 21). We Need Proverbs Because they Reflect Who We Are. BBC Worklife. Retrieved from






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