Have You Blown Your New Year’s Resolution?

Have You Blown Your New Year’s Resolution?

The turn of the calendar to a new year entices about 50% of the population to create a resolution. January 1st can be an exciting time to set your sights on a new goal. The problem many of us encounter when setting resolutions is we experience an outcome of disappointment.

When we fail before we’ve had a chance to even flip that calendar page to the next month- let alone attaining the goal for 12 months, many of us wrestle with the let down it brings. When we have the mindset of the possibility to only achieve results at the beginning of a new year and those plans falter, we often give up.

If you feel like you have blown your new year’s resolutions, I’d like to encourage you to start again instead of waiting for a new year. Try taking on the mindset that today I will begin again.

Here are a few steps to help you meet your goals this year:

Start Small– Don’t overwhelm yourself with a lofty goal, especially if you are just starting out on a new adventure. Take small steps to reach your finish line. What’s the old saying? Slow and steady wins the race!

Be Specific– Instead of saying “I vow to work out more this year.”‘ And then you get mad at yourself for not going to the gym every single day, try setting a few small goals such as:

  • I will walk 2 times this week for 30 minutes.
  • I will set aside 45 minutes per week for cardio.
  • I will do yoga or Pilates or kickboxing for 30 min one day this week. And once you tackle some small goals, you can add to your routine.

Create a List– Give yourself time and permission to accomplish your goals. Make a list of all the things you hope to do this year, places you wish to visit, and goals you’d like to reach. Having a list to work off of and cross items off as you complete them can be satisfying.

Start a Journal– Journaling can be freeing. It can help get thoughts to pen and paper to read at a later time to track progress. It can benefit emotional health and well-being. It can help you track what you are eating if you choose to create a food journal. Writing your progress, success, and failures can be cathartic while you are embarking on this journey.

Avoid Criticizing Yourself– Try a new approach this year: Self Care and Self Love. I wrote about this topic in a prior post. We don’t give ourselves enough space sometimes to feel all the feels, to express ourselves, or permission to start again. Many of us will make jokes to poke fun at ourselves when we fail so that we put ourselves down before anyone else can. Try shifting your focus to a different perspective such as “I am choosing healthier options for myself” Instead of saying you are on a diet. Diets can feel so limiting and if you “mess up”, you may feel like you’ve blown it until you begin the next diet. By taking on a mentality of I am living a healthier lifestyle, you will feel better about your total health and welfare by making smarter choices. An occasional treat is good for the mind and body too! 😉

Begin Again– If you are a week into the new year and you are depressed and defeated that you messed up what you said you would do – – begin again. Today is a new day.  You are strong and you are a fighter! Dig deep inside and remind yourself that you are not a failure, that success is just around the corner, and you will continue on. If you fail again, it’s okay! Begin Again. Push the negative thoughts out of your mind and channel that inner will power. Remind yourself that you are worth it and you will succeed in all that you set out to do. Happy New Year and I believe in you!

As always, thank you for reading and cheers to healthy living!

-XO, Teri Socia, Owner of Rae Soap Company



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