SweetHearts Are Back…And 65% Are Blank!

SweetHearts Are Back…And 65% Are Blank!

By Candystore.com

CandyStore.com has an update on the SweetHearts conversation hearts candy saga.

SweetHearts Are Back. …And 65% Are Blank!

Iconic SweetHearts conversation hearts are back this year, but production issues plagued their new manufacturer. Here is what was found:

  • 65% had no markings on them at all – completely blank.
  • 24% had unintelligible misprints.
  • 8% had partially printed phrases.
  • Only 3% had full, well-placed phrases.

Read more and watch their unboxing video here.

If you recently bought the new SweetHearts, did you experience any of the issues mentioned above?

Image courtesy of Candystore.com

Cynthia Tait

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