6 Mindset Tools to Remove Negativity From Every Day Life

6 Mindset Tools to Remove Negativity From Every Day Life

Have you heard the expression “the grind don’t stop”?

We live in a busy, challenging, and fast-paced world. Daily life regimens can be overwhelming between work, family, friends, and goals. It is easy to get stuck in a motivational rut that’s hard to get out of. Not to mention all the expectations that you have to live up to from society, friends, your boss or family.

It’s time to wake up for the day and you begin to think of all the things you have to do, and then you might feel inclined to just give up. You decide that it’s impossible to achieve the day’s goals and that it’s useless to even try.

This is known as a negative mindset or the destroyer of motivation. It’s a big vicious cycle that’s difficult to break, because the longer you succumb to negativity, the harder it is to break free from it.

Do you find that it’s easier to focus on the negative rather than on the positive? Especially, if you are surrounded by negative or unsupportive people, right? However, focusing on the positive has been done before since there is more than one way to break the cycle of negativity and change your own thoughts.

Sometimes there are external factors that play a major role in our mindset. Maybe you aren’t a negative person but you are allowing outside people and circumstances to discourage you.


1. Removing Power from Negative People

Negative Nancys…We all know at least one! There is a person that I can always count on to bring me down. I can share the best news I’ve ever gotten and this person is guaranteed to follow up with a passive-aggressive or negative comment. It can be deflating.

I decided to stop placing so much weight on their reactions and opinions, and to give myself the validation, instead of seeking it from someplace else. I learned to release giving power to negative people by celebrating successes and failures in my own life and not expecting much more from them.

My level of happiness used to be based on their words and reactions and it took me a long time to figure out how much it was affecting my life. I took the power back and reclaimed my own happiness.

2. You’re Not a Victim

When following up on negative people, don’t place so much weight on their words that you allow yourself to become victimized by what they say. Words can hurt but protect yourself from negative nellys and take back the way you think.

Controlling our thoughts to rewire our thinking by turning a negative mindset into a positive one, can be critical to tackling your daily goals.

3. Stop Doing Everything for Everyone

Stop saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”. It’s okay to say yes, but don’t burn yourself out. Sometimes you need to say no for your own sanity! Not everyone values your time and busy schedule. It’s okay to be helpful but don’t let people take advantage of your good graces.

4. Stop Putting Yourself Down

You are not less than. You are not a failure. You are not ugly. You are not fat. You are not stupid. Stop telling yourself those lies and that they are okay to believe. Likewise, if others find fault or humor in drawing attention to you in such light, kindly remove yourself from the conversation. Don’t allow yourself to believe you are unworthy.

5. Stop Making Excuses for Bad Behavior, Negative Comments, & Negative Thoughts!

No one deserves the right to make you feel inadequate, including yourself!

If you are constantly criticizing yourself, belittling your own achievements, and thinking that you’re incapable of doing better, you will eventually start believing that it is true.

However, if you stop berating your own actions and start valuing yourself more, you will learn to become efficient at solving whatever problems come your way. Don’t wait for anyone to praise you. Be your own motivational speaker.

6. Watch Your Surroundings

Surround yourself with positive people. If you’re submerged in water, you can’t expect your clothes to be dry, right? In the same fashion, if you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s bound to latch on to you.

Find positive people who will uplift you and want to see you reach your goals. Surround yourself with positive thinking, create a vision board with encouraging words, or take time to pray and meditate to reset your mind. You can tackle your dreams and make them a reality. Think positive!

As always, thanks for reading and cheers to healthier living!



6 Mindset Tools to Remove Negativity from Every Day Life


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