The Best Ways to Teach Your Children the Importance of Safety

The Best Ways to Teach Your Children the Importance of Safety

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Children don’t automatically know how important safety is. This is a lesson you have to teach your kids as they grow up, and it’s an important lesson to master. However, many parents have a hard time with this because it’s not very intuitive. You need to make sure you’re intentionally teaching your children these lessons. Here’s how you can do it.

Always Be Open


You want your children to learn their safety lessons from you. They can’t do that if they don’t like talking to you because you’re not open to it. Instead, you should make a point to always be as open as possible about all types of topics.

Remember, every conversation you have with your child, you’re building these expectations. Try your best not to judge your child or come across like you’re judging your child in any situation. Be open and honest, but be kind as well.

Give Your Kids a “Failsafe”


One thing you can do to maximize your children’s ability to stay safe is to give them a “failsafe.” Essentially, this means that if your child is in a dangerous situation, even one they weren’t supposed to be in, you promise you’ll bail them out without repercussions if they contact you.

This can be scary to offer to your child; after all, many parents want to assign consequences for breaking the rules. However, it’s more important that your child stays safe. If you offer your child this option, it makes it more likely that they’ll ask for help if they’re in a genuinely dangerous situation that they would otherwise try to hide.

Discuss Age-Appropriate Safety Concepts

Safety Concepts

As your child gets older, you’re going to need to introduce more safety concepts. Make sure you tailor these concepts to your child’s particular age range. For example, an older teenager may need help with understanding how to avoid drugs, while a young child might just need to know when an adult is being inappropriate.

Be open about these safety concepts. It’s especially important that you give information about these safety concepts if you’re going to let someone go over to another person’s house. Your children should absorb as many safety concepts as possible.

Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan

If there’s an emergency, what do you do? It’s not impossible that you might not have an emergency preparedness plan of any kind. At the very least, you need a basic structure for your emergency preparedness plan so you and your children all know what to do if disaster strikes.

This preparedness plan may take a variety of forms. Tailor your most important components to whatever you’re most likely to face. For example, families in rainy areas may need a hurricane preparedness plan. Give your children assignments that fit their ages and modify the plan as needed throughout the years.

Make Sure You Put Them in Safe Situations

Safe Situations

Especially when your children are young, you need to be the one stepping in and ensuring they’re in safe situations. Teaching your children about safety starts with making sure you don’t put them in a situation where they’ll need to use those concepts in the first place.

You should always screen parents you and your children hang out with to make sure they’re safe. There are many ways to do this, including using PeopleFinders to perform a criminal records check on the person in question. With a criminal records check, this other parent won’t be able to hide anything from you, and that’ll let you make an educated decision.


Safety is a very wide-reaching concept that covers a lot of ground. If you want to make sure your children stay safe at all times, you’re going to need to put in your part and also help them learn more about how to stay safe for themselves. When you combine your own safety measures with safety measures your children are learning for themselves, you can let your kids know how important safety truly is.



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