Common Apartment Renting Myths That You Should Know About

Common Apartment Renting Myths That You Should Know About

If you are looking for a new home to lease, the last thing that you want to hear is apartment renting myths. They range from outrageous to ridiculous, and some of them are enough to make many people settle for the home that they already live in even if they don’t like it.

We did a bit of research and came across the most common home renting myths out there. Find them below together with the truth that debunks them!

Landlords can kick you out whenever they want

One of the most common apartments renting myths says that a landlord can ask you to leave the property instantly or whenever a tenant is ready and able to pay more than you.

That myth is false. A landlord is the proprietor of the estate that you rent, not the owner of your destiny. The leasing contract that you sign covers essential rights and obligations for both of you. One of them says that the landlord cannot evict you without prior notice, which usually lasts for the duration that your security deposit covers.

Landlords will not return your security deposit

This myth is false if it refers to landlords that refuse to return the tenant’s security deposit even if the contract has not been breached in any way.

If you damage the property while you live there, the landlord may choose to keep a part of the deposit that covers the repair expenses. However, if everything is in the same condition at the end of the contract as it was in its beginning, the homeowner cannot retain your deposit for reasonable wear and tear.

You are not responsible for repairs and maintenance

As much as any tenant out there would love for this apartment renting myth to be true, it is not. Unfortunately, in most cases, the repair expenses or maintenance costs are divided between the landlord and the renter.

When it comes to maintenance, the landlord may consider essential work done to the plumbing, heating, gas and lighting structures. If these systems break or suffer crucial damage, they may use the home insurance to cover for the costs. However, it is unlikely that they will pay for weekly cleaning or occasional light bulb replacements.

Landlords can enter the apartment as they please

Fortunately for all tenants out there that suffer from severe anxiety, this myth is not true. Landlords cannot enter the apartment that you pay rent for as they please.

Of course, they are the owners, but a legal contract prevents them from visiting you without prior notice. A homeowner has to announce to you the time and reason for a future visit through a communication channel that you have previously decided upon together.

Also, the reason for their visit has to be well-established. It has to have legal backing, and unless you specify otherwise, your presence there is mandatory. If your landlord does not respect this agreement, you can hold them accountable in the court of law.

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