7 Apartment Hunting Tips You Need to Know

7 Apartment Hunting Tips You Need to Know

Apartment hunting can be a hassle because it’s not something you always plan for or usually look forward to, or an activity you particularly enjoy. You might have to go see multiple apartments for rent before finding the right one. If you go about your hunt in the right way, you can definitely save time and money. Here’s a list of apartment hunting tips to help you out.

1. Set Your Budget

It can be really easy to overlook the rental price when you see your dream apartment with a perfect location, spacious living room, and beautiful window views. That’s why it’s important to set your budget before you even begin your hunt. Sit down and figure out how much you can afford to spend on rent. We know that you don’t want to waste your time sorting through ones that are outside of your budget and that’s the reason why you should only look at those apartments you know you can afford.

2. Don’t trust the landlord’s quote.

Don’t trust the quote of the landlord when it comes to the average heating or electric bill cost. You can ask other tenants what their bills average before you sign any lease because it may probably turn out that a place you thought seemed cheap is beyond your budget.

3. Make a list of questions to ask

Once you are ready to visit all the sites that met your apartment hunting criteria (price accessibility, location, etc.) and make a list of questions to ask the landlord while you’re on your hunt. You’ll probably need to customize your list based on your needs.

4. Ask your friends

Tell your friends you’re looking for an apartment. You may also find the right apartment through a friend of a friend. Try to take a friend with you when you go to look at one because your friend can help you make good choices. Looking at a rental together will surely save you a lot of time in your hunt. And after visiting the place, you can talk about it together and discuss what you like and don’t like.

5. Drop by the building on a rainy day.

Bad weather can be a bonus and it might even help you save money. Viewing apartments in the rain can help you find potential problems, which in turn can help you either negotiate a better price. You will probably know how the roof holds up, if there are any leaks and if the driveway floods. These are usually the signs you would miss on a dry, sunny day.

6. Make sure your furniture will fit.

Don’t forget to measure your huge furniture (table, dressers, beds, couches, etc.) before you go hunting and then bring a tape measure with you to make sure your furniture will fit through the doors. That would be a lifesaver for you.

7. Read the reviews.

It’s great to read positive reviews but you should also be aware of fake reviews. You should pay attention to the negative reviews and use your judgment. If they have a bad experience, they’re going to complain about everything, so you have to look out for people with similar complaints.

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