7 Helpful Tips for Parents to Protect Their Kids Online

7 Helpful Tips for Parents to Protect Their Kids Online

Courtesy of VPNpro

The fastest-growing group of internet users are kids, and in our current times with schools closing across the country, their time online at home may be increasing dramatically.


Online Dangers a child might be exposed to while using a smartphone, tablet, or computer:

  • Watching inappropriate, explicit, or violent videos
  • Clicking potentially harmful ads
  • Installing unwanted or dangerous programs
  • Leaking personally-identifiable data to scammers
  • Exposure to inappropriate, dangerous, or even life-threatening online games like the Blue Whale and Momo.

Parental Checklist below comes from the cybersecurity experts at VPNpro.com., and serves as a good guide for keeping kids safer online:

  • Educate your kids about online dangers
  • Use a content filter and block websites
  • Install a child-safe internet browser
  • Lock specific apps away from kids
  • Monitor or limit your kid’s gaming apps access
  • Create a separate children’s account on your devices
  • Use a VPN for online privacy and security


For more information, go to VPNpro.com

*Infographic courtesy of VPNpro







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