Michigan Mama’s Product Faves-Kid Proof Resistant Fabric Treatment & Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer

Michigan Mama’s Product Faves-Kid Proof Resistant Fabric Treatment & Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer

I received samples of Kid Proof Resistant Fabric Treatment ($15.99 Value) and Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer ($6 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Welcome to Michigan Mama’s Product Faves!

Today I will share with you two new products I was recently introduced to…Kids Proof Resistant Fabric Treatment and Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer.

Kid Proof Resistant Fabric Treatment

Kid Proof Resistant

Kid Proof Resistant (because nothing is 100% kid-proof) is a protective fabric treatment! It resists liquids and protects against abrasion and UV radiation. How  cool is that?

Here are some other great details you may be interested in learning about this product:

  • Utilizes nanotechnology
  • 100% safe around children and pets
  • NO harmful chemicals

The instructions are simple just spray the surface until saturated and wait 24 hours and is good for up to 15 washes!

Kid Proof Resistant

My favorite is that the product contains no harsh chemicals. No worries when using this product!

FUN FACT: Caprock Products donates 10% of their profits to local children’s organizations in the areas they serve!

To learn more about Caprock Products, click here.

ZOEY Naturals English Garden Hand Sanitizer

Do you have a little one and nervous about all the harsh and toxic chemicals out there when it comes to hand sanitizers? This can be a concern especially through COVID-19 and it’s always best to wash hands with soap and water. What if you can’t get to soap and water right away? That’s where ZOEY Naturals comes in.

I received a sample of their English Garden Hand Sanitizer. It is made without harsh chemicals and deeply cleanses without the use of water. It effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Sounds awesome, right?

Zoey Naturals Hand Sanitizer

It’s nice to find products that deeply cleanses, is preservative-free, and paraben-free!

The product keeps little hands clean and soft with a gentle English Garden scent! I wish I would have had this product when my girls were little ones! This is a definite yes!

You can check out more of their products right on the Zoey Naturals website.

I would like to thank the folks over at Caprock Products and Zoey Naturals for giving me the opportunity to try their products so that I may share them with you!

See you next time!

Product Photos taken by Kelly Clair





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