4 Ways To Stay Sharp When You’re 50 Years Young

4 Ways To Stay Sharp When You’re 50 Years Young

Middle-aged is not quite what it used to be. The modern society we live in has so many excellent options to help us age with grace. Better quality food, more knowledge about fitness, exercise, and dieting, as well as cheaper and better health care. So when you feel the strains of going over the hill and past 50, you should rest assured you won’t be left in the dark. So what are your options?

Increasing bone strength

Muscle deterioration is natural at this age. You will slowly but surely begin to lose muscle mass. This means your bones will be taking on the challenge of shifting the majority of your bodyweight. Increasing calcium in your diet can be a real boost to your bone density and strength. Have breakfast options which include milk. You should also try to consume half a pint of milk a day whether that be through your first meal or perhaps through teas, coffees, snacks, or dairy desserts. On average women over 50 need about 1.2grams of calcium a day. For men, it’s around 2-2.5grams.

More strengthening foods

Even though you will naturally shed a little muscle mass, you can still slow down the process by consuming more protein. As muscles age, they absorb less and less of the nutrients you consume. However, protein is one of the basic food groups which the body will continue to digest right into old age. Eat more eggs, soy, nuts, and lighter protein sources like fish. Salmon is a highly recommended food as it’s natural omega-3 oils and soft flesh is easy on your digestive system.

Reconsider a vegan lifestyle

Although there are many benefits to a vegan lifestyle, the lack of protein can cause health issues when you’re middle-aged. The key concern is the lack of B-12 which is needed for nerve, brain, and ligament function. Consume more eggs and red meat like beef, lamb, and venison. It’s highly recommended that you eat around 300g of beef a week at the least. In reality, you should be trying to cook at least 2-3 red meat meals during the week. Vitamin B-12 will keep your brain functioning at a high level and your limbs won’t feel like they freeze up from time to time.

Check your hearing

At this time in your life, it’s a good idea to get a check-up on your senses. Firstly, see if your hearing is as it should be. If it isn’t or you are recommended a hearing aid fitting, take up the offer so you’re already adapted to the technology by the time you’re 60, which is when most people get hearing aids anyway. A fitting will provide you with your own hearing aid profile, so any future models will be molded to your ear shape and only materials that feel comfortable on your skin will be chosen by audiologists.

When you’re over the hill and middle-aged, the world can seem like a different place. You’re not half a century old, but with a few minor lifestyle changes, you could reach triple digits.






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