How to Plan a Fun Family Trip for All Ages

How to Plan a Fun Family Trip for All Ages

By Rayanne Morriss

Many people wait for the holidays like Thanksgiving or the summer to plan a family vacation for a multi-generational group. Planning a huge trip can be daunting since you have to come up with activities that are fun for both the old and the young.

Apart from children being challenging to travel with, planning a vacation that satisfies all ages is an overwhelming task. Here is an insight into planning the perfect and fun family trip for all ages.

Plan Early

Expert travel planners state that early planning decreases the possibility of problems happening during a trip, especially when a large group or family is involved.

An early start to planning a fun, family getaway gives you more options in choosing your hotels and the available dates. A plan that is not thought out beforehand can result in wasting time during the trip. You might also fail to visit all of the places you wanted.

It is important to make a list of what you and your family want to experience during the trip so you do not return home with unhappy and frustrated kids.

While you are planning, try to make sure there is flexibility when it comes to dates. One travel window can limit your family from enjoying the countless activities that can come from early travel planning.

Know the Group Passion

When preparing a family trip and vacation, it is very important to consider every person’s various interests and desires for the trip. The idea of an ideal vacation differs between people since some might find a Middle Fork American river floating and rafting trip as fun while others prefer lounging at the beach.

Knowing this information helps in planning a memorable and successful trip by balancing everyone’s ideas within the family. Some activities might be more fun for each group if they are done separately.

This is fine as long as other activities before or after can be done together in order to spend time together. Activities that might be fun for both adults and children include going to events, visiting museums, or overnight camping.

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Take A Vote

If the family trip includes a high amount of adults, you should try to identify the activities individuals want to experience or areas they want to visit during the trip. A vote will ensure that everyone in the family looks forward to the trip because everyone feels like they assisted in laying out the plan.

When everyone can participate during the vacation, it makes it more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Children can participate in voting if you want to get the whole family involved in choosing the planned activities to make it exciting and memorable.

Maintain Space

A large family should make sure there is enough space for everyone. This will increase the chances of everyone getting along during the vacation. The rooms should be spacious and you should aim to get good deals when planning. Your own space will allow you to unwind, and children, especially teenagers, love a separate room for themselves.

Parents can use hotel services such as daycare or special activities so teenagers can at least get space and spend time at a spa. It is also important for larger groups to pad their schedule and get free time for themselves.

Large groups have a higher likelihood of mood swings, varying interests, and contention. Remember, after late activities, it is wise to avoid waking up early the following day so that everyone wakes up fresh and happy.

Avoid Over Planning

As much as planning is the first and foremost important step in realizing a successful vacation, you should not over plan. You must avoid scheduling too many activities and becoming over-ambitious with a trip. Over planning will result in too many activities that become overwhelming and cumbersome for the family to complete and enjoy.

This can lead to an unpleasant and tired group because family members will struggle to complete each activity rather than experience and enjoy each moment.

When planning trips outside the country, it is best to leave a day before traveling back home free for everyone to rest and reminisce about the fun parts of the vacation. The open day can allow for a re-visit for sightseeing or activities you might like to do but are outside the schedule.

Planning a family trip is a task that requires planning and merging all the member’s wants. Children have a heightened sense of infectious excitement, curiosity, and engagement that ensures surprising and unexpected encounters become memorable. Following the above guide will help you and your family create the best vacation.


Rayanne Morriss

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