How To Feel Like You’re On Vacation At Home

How To Feel Like You’re On Vacation At Home

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A vacation is essential, more so than ever! Firstly, you work from home now, so the dynamic between your personal life and career is different. If you feel as if you’re never out of the office, you’re not alone. Secondly, when you do take a vacation, it’s vital to unwind, which is tough when the world is amid a global pandemic. The key is to make your home feel as if it’s a holiday haven because it’s not as if you can go abroad, and staycations are incredibly expensive. Your home has the potential to be relaxing. Here’s how.

Sync Your Schedules

You’re not the only person who is at home. The house is full of people who would usually be in the office or at school, so there isn’t a quiet or chilled out atmosphere. Just because you’re not working doesn’t change this. If anything, listening to the constant racket while you’re attempting to read with a mocktail in your hand might send your stress levels through the roof. Therefore, the trick is to sync the family’s schedules to ensure everyone is off. Then, you can play games or take turns parenting while the other sneaks away for a nap!

Recreate Traditions

Every family has traditions. It’s part of the reason holidays are special. Unfortunately, you can’t experience them as you would normally, but you can recreate them at home. Think of it this way

– you might start new activities that last for years! For instance, winter vacationers can pretend as if they are in the European Alps by wrapping up, making hot chocolate with marshmallows, and eating strudel. Try this apple strudel recipe if you want to act as if you’re in Austria! If it doesn’t snow, that’s not a problem either. Just head to a local dry slope and carve trails in the powder.

Say Yes

A vacation is more than traveling to a foreign country. For most people, it’s about the attitude when you arrive. You’ll pretty much say yes to anything because you’ll have a carefree, can-do mindset. You should adopt it at home, too, by doing things you wouldn’t usually. Do the kids want dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner? Okay then! Would you like to wear your PJs until it’s time for bed? No problem! You might be at home, but it’s a holiday so don’t be scared to turn your routine on its head for a week. To work hard, you have to play hard.

Go To The Beach

Hotels and guesthouses are taking advantage of the demand and pricing out ordinary Americans. It’s sad, but you can’t do anything about it unless you win the lottery. However, you can still go to the beach on a day trip. As long as you set off early enough, you’ll have plenty of time to swim, bathe, and eat junk food. And, if there’s a boardwalk, the kids can go on the rides. It’s not the same as staying over, but it’s cheaper and more accessible.

How do you feel like you’re on vacation at home? You’ve got to take one first!


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