4 Ways to Upgrade Your Family Camping Trips

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Family Camping Trips

 By Brooke Chaplan

Camping is a great way to get out into nature and enjoy the relaxation and exploration of the great outdoors. However, without the modern amenities of today, it can feel as if your camping trips have become more of a chore than a good time. Here are some necessary upgrades you should consider to enhance the quality of your family’s camping trips in the future.

Get More Comfortable Seating

We all know what bag chairs are. We’re sure you have a lot of them stowed away in your camper for sitting around the fire. However, they’re not the most comfortable chair in the world. Rather, you should consider upgrading to more comfortable seating. Remember that camping is all about relaxing and you need comfortable furniture to do so. Consider adding things like a hammock to your campsite.

Have Designated Storage Areas

One of the most frustrating parts of your camping trip is likely having to unload all of your items when you get there so you can actually use your camper. The truth is that everything you have should have its own place before you ever leave. An aluminum trailer storage box is a great way to upgrade your camping trip by adding a simple storage area that you can place items in that you don’t need right away. For example, these are perfect for storing things like firestarters and mountain pie makers. You can simply go get them when you need them and not have to worry about transporting them inside of your camper.

Movie Projector

If you’ve always enjoyed a good night at the drive-in, then you should consider investing in a portable projector. A simple white sheet hung from some posts and a projector can be the perfect solution to a night of fun in the woods. While some campsites do offer wi-fi for easy streaming, make sure you don’t forget to add some movies to an SD card in case there’s no internet connectivity for streaming.

Waterproof Speaker

While the noise of the woods can be soothing for a while, it can get really boring for kids. Instead, invest in a waterproof speaker. You and your family can enjoy the upbeat background of your favorite tunes. This is perfect for those late-night card games and even just enjoying hanging around the fire in the evenings.

Making your family’s next camping trip even better can be done in several different ways. The above are four great ways that can get you started. We’re sure you’ll find that you’ll be incorporating more and more upgrades with each new camping trip that you go on.

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