Trends 2020: Kitchens Are Going Back to Black 

Trends 2020: Kitchens Are Going Back to Black 

Ready to join the dark side? Then get excited because this year black is, well, the new black! If you want to add drama to your kitchen or make a statement with bold interior design, then you should embrace black décor. From black marble fittings to handle-less and industrial designs, we break down the hottest new black kitchen trends swooping onto the scene in 2020.

Stylish Black Kitchen Ideas 

Black décor has long been considered a cardinal sin by designers for its tendency to make rooms feel gloomy or seem smaller than they are. However, these cliches about black are about to be dispelled. When it comes to black décor, it’s all about styling it in the right way. Our black kitchen ideas list reveals 5 tips to make a black kitchen feel luxe and homely without changing the color palette. Let’s dive in!

  • Sleek and Minimalist

The smart kitchens of the future don’t need to be all white and shiny. In fact, you can achieve a stylish, minimalist look with a black kitchen design. Black handleless cabinets and cupboards can create a sophisticated, streamlined look. Accent these with an exposed concrete wall or large windows to create chic, industrial vibes in your black kitchen.

  • Black and Gold

Black is a great color to work with because it forms a neutral backdrop and makes other colors really stand out. Gold finishes on taps, sink interiors, cabinet handles, and barstools will really shine against a black kitchen design. These stand-out details will add a truly luxurious feel to your kitchen.  

  • Marble Islands

Islands make for great centerpieces and can bring a homey, open feel to your kitchen. A black marble island can give a touch of drama to your design without darkening the rest of the room. Strong-veined marble is currently all the rage and black works well with this as the tonal veins running through it can break up the black and add variation. Marble tends to give kitchens a classic feel. Mix it up by placing modern accessories, like your smart water filter or modern countertop ice machine on marble surfaces.

  • Starry Night

If a matte black room is not for you, why not add a dash of sparkle to your kitchen design? A black backsplash with a faux quartz finish can add some glitz and glamour to your kitchen décor. Perfect if you want to incorporate black into your kitchen but you don’t want things to look too plain. You can also buy shimmery black wall film that can be attached to your backsplash or countertops, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of totally replacing surfaces. 

  •  Drama Chic

Want to add some real drama to your black kitchen? Combining several elements of black interior design can help give your kitchen a concept and stop a plain, black look from feeling dull. For example, pair a black marble countertop with industrial style black cabinets to add variation.

You could also opt for a glitzy black backsplash or island surface and blend this with a sleek black kitchen floor tile. Want to combine black details with a homely look? Only use black floor tiles on half the floor and have them meet with rustic wood. This gives a chic blend of vintage and modern to your kitchen look.


Designing a black kitchen is a daring style move and something that requires careful thought and planning. We hope our décor tips have given you some inspiration. Enjoy exploring dark kitchen styles this season!

Final Call: Do you love all things dark and daring? Which black kitchen design would you go for? Have you tried any of these styles in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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