Are You Ready to Organize Your Homeschool?

Are You Ready to Organize Your Homeschool?

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Congratulations! You either made the decision to homeschool your child/children or you are considering it as a very strong possibility.

I’m rooting for you!

Why? Because taking control of your child’s education is the best thing you can do for them. Seriously! Children learn the best through so many life and educational scenarios and who better to teach them than their own parent(s)?

Organizing your homeschool

is actually quite simple and should just be best suited for your family’s needs. You don’t need a fancy room or a big house to homeschool in. Heck, my husband and I both work from home in a crackerbox of a home.

I have a small desk in the corner

that acts as my work/school space and my husband sits at the dining room table with two out of three of our girls with their laptops and learning resources. My oldest does her work at her desk in her room. We are doing just fine! In the beginning, I thought we had to have the latest and greatest just for them to learn. Boy, was I ever wrong.

Find a space and use it.

Me with my two youngest. Music classes/sessions at the Carr Ranch (My parent’s place)

Mix it up once in a while and learn outside, in the kitchen, etc. That’s what homeschooling is, just anywhere where you can basically learn. It’s amazing, right? If you can swing it, do it! Sure, it’s nice to have some structure sometimes, but it’s nice to be able to have that flexibility. And it depends on the ages of your children.

The high school years

may require a little more buckling down as you prepare them for college and work years, but the flexibility can still be there! Now that my oldest is a senior, we are seeing the fruits of all the homeschool labor and it is sweet! She’s been accepted to two Universities of her choice so far with scholarship offers!

Now, are you ready to organize your homeschool?

Stay cozy at home and also have a full-color print homeschool resource (magazine) delivered straight to your door to help with ideas on your journey. Trust me, this is so helpful!

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Keep me posted about your journey! If interested in blogging about it, we are looking for a volunteer homeschool blogger to share their homeschool experiences!

Happy homeschooling!

Lindsey Jenn

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