Make This Christmas A Special One With These Top Tips

Make This Christmas A Special One With These Top Tips

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2020 has been a tough year. No matter where you’re from, Coronavirus has managed to affect pretty much everyone’s life in one way or another. Whether it’s directly by ruining your health, taking a loved one, forcing you to leave your job, or maybe you’ve seen it hurt people you love. Whatever the case, this is certainly the year to make this Christmas a special one. You might not be able to see everyone you want, or even able to spend it with close family, but you can absolutely make the best of it. Every family celebrates Christmas differently so you’ll need to work on any tips you take onboard into your plans. Since this is a special year, it might be time to try something a little different, maybe something to make it memorable and a little extra special. Especially if you’ve got children who’ve been in and out of school all year and unable to see their friends.

Go Food Crazy

There are times in the year where it pays to indulge in the food department and Christmas is one of them. Think about some different foods you can buy and try. Or, if you’ve got the time, make them yourself. You can make whatever you want. From traditional Christmas cakes to a southern cornbread dressing recipe. Think about some homemade pies with whatever topping(s) you desire. Get more than usual and treat everyone to a complete feast. It may not be what you usually do, and if you’re someone who likes to take care of their overall health, it might go against the grain a little bit, but this Christmas it could be just what you need to really let loose and enjoy yourselves.

Go Virtual

So maybe you can’t see members of your family due to covid restrictions. Think outside the box. Join them virtually. You don’t need to do this all day. Just for a short while. You can use a tablet to Zoom with someone, a laptop, or even a phone for Facetime. It can add that little bit of normality for Christmas if someone isn’t there and keeps things normal for the children. This isn’t about making it more special than usual, but about keeping it as special as it once was. You can even eat food together, play games together, and just generally spend the day together this way if you were so inclined.

Do Things Together

Sure, you might not be able to go out and do things with friends, but that means you do things together. Think about a gingerbread house. A huge one you can all make together and eat afterward. There are some great kits online for you to use catering to different sizes and patience levels. If this isn’t for you, do some jigsaws, play board games, and watch films. That’s what Christmas is all about. Make this one about you and the family.

Mark The Occasion

Get a Christmas photo done of you and your family. You might not be able to get this done professionally, but you can do it yourselves. Get all dressed up and take that special photo to mark the occasion. You can even put this on your Christmas cards if you wanted to share it with your friends and family. Getting everyone together to do this is harder than you’d expect but certainly worthwhile and you’ll have the memory for years. You’ll also likely have the memory of everyone moaning they don’t like a certain take…good luck with that one! 😉

Treat Those Around You

You might be used to having a frugal Christmas, but perhaps this is one to spend that little bit of extra money and make something special happen. What you buy is up to you, and you certainly shouldn’t go crazy if it’s going to hurt you financially. Nothing is worth going into debt over. However, it’s ideal if you’ve got the budget stretch. Think about what someone wouldn’t expect and buy it. Something that steps up from the usual gifting guides you adhere to. There are plenty of gifting guides online to help you. You could think outside the box and get them something to help with their day job and their business. Something to help market what they do. A games console, or something to get the kids jumping with joy. Going the distance in this regard will certainly make it a Christmas to remember.


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