Build Up Your Christmas Budget Now

Build Up Your Christmas Budget Now

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Where has this year gone? Before you know it, Christmas will be here and all the expenses that go with it. Making a few changes now can give your budget a boost before December.

Buy presents all year round

If you tend to do all your shopping in one debt inducing trip in December, it might pay to think about things long term. For those little gifts that you don’t feel pressured to make too unique, you can easily pick up some nice items in the summer sales or Kingsley Bate Frontera coupons online.  More expensive purchases can be bought on Black Friday.

By spreading out your gift buying, you won’t find yourself running out of money or spending on credit cards come December.

Embrace Secret Santas

If you have a large family or a wide circle of close friends, the presents soon add up. You feel obligated to keep up the present buying, even though it gets more expensive every year.

Chances are, your friends and family are feeling the financial strain of this too. So instead of buying everyone a present, why not get everyone in the group to agree to a secret Santa. Everyone buys and receives one nice gift. You can make the spending limit a little more expensive as you’re only having to buy one.  If you do this with friends, family, and work colleagues, you could cut your Christmas spending massively.

Buy Gift Cards For The Christmas Food Shop

Did you ever have an aunt or Grandma who used to buy savings stamps at the local store? Every time they shopped they would buy a few dollars of stamps and carefully place them into a little book.  Then when Christmas rolled around, they would have enough money to buy all of the food for Christmas.

Most stores don’t do these stamps anymore, but there is another way to do it. Whenever you shop there, simply buy a gift card.  It doesn’t have to be too expensive, just whatever the lowest value card you can buy. Over the year, these will build up and before you know it, you can afford to splurge a bit on your shopping.

By doing it this way, rather than saving up actual money, you can’t spend it.  So you’re more likely to stick to it. Just make sure that the cards have long expiration dates on them and stick to large retailers who aren’t likely to disappear before you get to cash them in.

Once Christmas is over, stock up in the January sales

The best time to start saving for next Christmas is just after this one ends. Once January rolls around, shops are desperate to clear their seasonal stock. Pick up things like Christmas cards, decorations, tableware, and wrapping paper for a fraction of the usual price.

Even though you might be rolling your eyes at the thought of Christmas being on the horizon, it does pay to plan early, especially when money is tight. Some common sense planning and a keen eye in the sales can transform the way you see Christmas spending.

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