4 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important For Children

4 Reasons Why Exercise Is Important For Children

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On April 24, 2015, a 10-year-old nearly died of cardiac arrest on his school playground. This might sound strange given the boy’s age, but it is possible if he wasn’t getting enough exercise. Parents sometimes focus a bit too much on their child’s diet, with much less attention paid to their daily exercise.

Parents go to the gym or take an early jog and leave the kids at home to play games or watch a movie. While it’s good to take care of yourselves as parents, kids need to exercise too. Here are four reasons why.

  • Maintenance of good health

Habitually exercising improves your children’s overall mental and physical health and makes them feel good. Constant exercising also strengthens the organs and boosts the performance of the circulatory and respiratory systems. It also strengthens their bones and relaxes their muscles. It helps kids sleep better, which allows them to release stress. Believe it or not, kids occasionally do get stressed by schoolwork.

Including exercise as part of their routine helps to relieve them of the said stress. Children are often found in a good mood, are more optimistic and ready to tackle whatever task they’re assigned when they exercise. They are also keener on maintaining personal hygiene and taking care of their bodies.

  • Prevents obesity in children

In 2019, According to the WHO, 38 million children under the age of five were obese, and in 2016, 340 million of those between the ages of 5-19 were also overweight. Exercising combined with good nutrition and healthy eating prevents obesity in children.

By following a healthy regimen, reducing the number of junk foods and sweets, and including family walks in children’s daily routine, overweight, and obesity can be curbed. This will also improve their agility and reflexes.

  •  Encourages socialization and time management

Group sports such as passing the hoop, don’t wake the dragon, tug-o-war, etc., encourages socialization and teamwork among kids. They learn to share victories and losses, and above all, it boosts their self-esteem.

By exercising and playing in groups, they learn to create strong links, make friends, value friendship, and accept responsibilities. They learn to abide by rules, which reduces their tendency to develop aggressive behaviors.

Children who exercise learn that there’s time for everything. They understand that some things are easier to obtain than others and that some things require more effort. This way, they learn to value victories.

  • It’s fun!

Exercising releases endorphins also called feel-good chemicals. They are naturally produced by the human body to help cope with pain and stress. Endorphins act as pain relievers and boost happiness. Exercising is an excellent way for kids to pass their time and keep them from a sedentary lifestyle.

Are you finding it difficult to get your kids to exercise or engage in sporting activities? Get them sportswear and get them in their favorite colors; this way, they are enticed to exercise. Teach them to exercise right, too; they should wear the right footwear to prevent injuries such as heel pain, muscle pull, etc.  Exercising is a great way to get them busy. Remember, the devil finds work for idle hands!


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