Why Are People Switching to Sourdough Bread?

Why Are People Switching to Sourdough Bread?

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A lower glycemic bread is one of the many benefits of eating homemade sourdough bread. This past year, my family has been really getting into sourdough. I feel like I am cheating when I eat it because it tastes that good compared to most bread.

The bacteria that form the sourdough changes the bread molecules making you digest it slower and causing a slower insulin spike than normal bread. There are so many different types of sourdough that can really add a lot to healthy eating choices. I will end this post with what I believe is the best way to make some good-tasting healthy sourdough bread for you and your family!

Enjoy Better Digestion

When you eat sourdough bread, the prebiotic dietary fiber contained in the bread actually feeds the good bacteria already living in your intestines. How many of us go to restaurants and enjoy fresh bread with our meal, only leaving us with that overly full feeling before we even get to the main course?

With quality-made sourdough bread, I don’t get that same bloated and full feeling. People who suffer from gluten intolerance, do much better on sourdough bread. However, anyone with celiac disease should not expect this bread to be totally gluten-free and may want to stay away until they get a green light from their Doctor.

We all need a balanced and stable digestive system. I can definitely tell a difference in my digestion when I eat sourdough bread vs any other bread that I get at the store.  We make French toast, sandwiches, toast, and of course, love dipping the bread into many different healthy olive oil blends.

More health benefits from eating sourdough bread,

include disease prevention from the lactic acid bacteria, which helps release antioxidants in sourdough bread compared to other types of bread. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage that cause serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

It also helps regulates your heartbeat, nerves, and muscles to function properly. Sourdough also contains magnesium that helps regulates your muscle and nerve function.

Making sourdough bread

has one main focus, and that is the starter. I have included a video to explain the process of creating your own sourdough starter that can be used to make hundreds of loaves. There is definitely an art to making good sourdough and making it the way you like it may take several attempts but worth it for sure. Please check out this sourdough recipe video below:

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